Loui77 07 Jul 2011 23:13 in Applications

Just made my check of the Power Pc Apps Amongst my Apps i'm running for the adjustment to installing the new OS Lion and found quite a few of my NEW CS5.5 files are based upon this Non- intel/universal based kind, -e.g., illustrator, bridge, Flash, and Photoshop, Not to mention all the others that are going to have to be changed around like Audacity and anything related to Windows so does that mean Parallels will be up for a change in times as well?
My list includes, 24u installer, Analyse Documents, Audacity, Contact Sheets, Disk Burner, Export Flash Animations, Make Calendar, Microsoft Query, Open XML for Charts, Open XML for Excel, Python, Web Gallery for iIIustrator

You would surely think Adobe would be working along side Apple to make sure their file structures were going to be updated before releasing their new products & making sure they work along side Apples new OS! for perfect harmony for customers but, NO of course not things could never just be that easy..!