MAMEBase 06 Jul 2011 15:53 in Application/AppleScript to auto-mark apps as compatible?

In a perfect world, I envision a utility that would do a four step compatibility check for Lion -

Step one -

Scan hard drive for applications, and return a list. This will allow the user to manually flag applications they may wist to remove/update.

Step two -

Scan applications "Get Info" information, specifically searching for applications marked as "Application (Power PC)", and flag these applications as "Incompatible" in the list created in step one.

Step three -

The remaining applications in the list are marked according to their own "Get Info" information ("Application (Intel)", "Application (Universal)", or "Application").

Step four -

The list is checked against the RoaringApps database online, and flagged accordingly ("Compatible", "Incompatible", "Some Problems", "Unknown"). In the case of an "Unknown" application, the user has the option to submit said application for review.

Now the question becomes, does such a utility exist? If so, where might one find it, and if not, is there someone much more clever than myself who could make such a utility into a reality?