unknown in iOS 6

works fine in iOS 5


Supports iCloud

Supports retina graphics

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…the no-nonsense downloader and file manager for iOS

SwiftLoad is the no-nonsense downloader and file manager for iOS. SwiftLoad operates on a simple principle - keep it simple, stupid. Nothing is confusingly labeled and everything is accessible.

- Download files in the background (with notification when done)
- Full file manager/viewer
- Fully featured audio player, text editor, and picture viewer
- Email files
- Verify the integrity of a file with md5
- Add photos to the photo library
- Create files and folders
- Open files from Safari
- iTunes file sharing support
- Background audio

Version 4.0
Developer Nathaniel Symer
Website http://www.fhsjaagshs.com/
Status works fine



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See developer site for complete change history.

  • ALL NEW GRAPHICS - A chill new look for a (mostly) new app
  • Drop iOS 4 compatibility
  • New delete menu (swipe to reveal)
  • Web browser
  • Dropbox upload
  • Safari Bookmarklet
  • Address huge RAM usage
  • Speed up file browser
  • Improve error messages
  • Fix opening files with another app using the Open In… functionality
  • Take into account more sources of error when downloading files
  • Fixed behavior for the Heads Up Displays (HUD's)

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