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Shopping for a car can be a huge pain and time consuming. There is a lot that a buyer must look at, prices, mileage, fuel efficiency, etc. The case is often somewhat similar for those who want to sell their car. They must do the same sort of research if they hope to price their car appropriately and have it sell. All of these if made available on user’s smart phone, where they can view, search and post their vehicle details, is very much seen as an added advantage.

This platform enables users to find huge collection of vehicles tagged up for sale and get what they want.

Also, application allows users to advertise their vehicles and to search for their desired vehicles with varied set of search parameters. All made possible with their smartphones.

Application is intended for use by three category of users based on the below sign up options.

1) Individuals

2) Vehicle agents

3) Vehicle dealers

At the time of signup users are requested to select the type of sign up option suited for them.

Upon signup, all users of this application can use this platform to advertise their vehicles (used vehicles in case of Individuals, vehicle brokers OR new vehicles in case of Vehicle dealers) by uploading the details. "Seeing is believing", the plus is you can even snap several images of your vehicle for customers to look at. The advertised vehicle details along with the images can be seen from any geography by any user.

Search results are composed of vehicle details as advertised by the owner along with the owner details. Should the user decide to contact the vehicle owner, user is enabled to do so by triggering a phone call or an E-Mail to the vehicle owner showing his/her interest in the searched vehicle. Search options include by Model, Make, Year, Radial search in kilometers and by Price.

Version 1.0
Developer Abdul Hakim Ahamed Fasil
Status works fine



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