WoW Companion

unknown in iOS 6

works fine in iOS 5

WoW Companion

Supports iCloud

Supports retina graphics

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* DISCLAIMER: This is not an official reference for the game and is in no way affilicated with or endorsed by Blizzard or World of Warcraft. *

This app is a handy tool and reference for beginners and veterans alike. It is designed to help players improve their game and reaction time as well as learn new commands.

Included in this app are categorized and full listing of slash commands which includes Chat, Combat, Guild, Party/Raid, Server, Emotes, and some useful macros. Saves time when you need to quickly recall a command's syntax or spelling.

Also included is the Arena Calculator for computing points that will be earned based on the rating obtained. It also derives the expected number of weeks needed to obtain a certain item based on its cost, currently owned points, and average rating.

Summary of features:

- Complete slash command listing
- Arena calculator

NOTE: This app is supported by ads

Version 1.0.4
Developer Audacity Software Pte. Ltd
Status works fine



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