Navigation by TeleNav - TeleNav GPS Plus

works fine in iOS 6

works fine in iOS 5

Navigation by TeleNav - TeleNav GPS Plus

Supports iCloud

Supports retina graphics

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Full subscription version of GPS by TeleNav. Includes all features of free GPS app, plus voice guidance, lane assist, and more tools

Developer TeleNav, Inc.
Status works fine



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New since

  • iPhone 5 & iOS 6 support
  • Bug fixes

Requires minimum of iPhone 3G and iOS 4.0 or later

NOTE: If you were adversely affected by glitches during the 7.0 rollout between July 2012 and Sept. 2012, Telenav has waived fees for one year following purchase.

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[ Gary]GaryAnonymous 03 Sep 2012 17:34

The update killed the app on my iPhone 4S - it freezes during start. Reloading the app from scratch didn't help, and it appears to have corrupted the iPhone such that I could no longer connect to the iTunes Store. I had to wipe the iPhone clean and start from scratch. NOT GOOD.

They admit they have a problem with the 4S, and unfortunately they have given no clue when it will be fixed, or whether we'll even be so notified.

Good software when it worked (prior version) but right now its DOA.

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[ ]swordzman0611 06 Sep 2012 05:33

They'd blogged the bug(s) in v7. That's why I placed that warning in the notes. Question is, why did it flunk so badly on some setups where others like mine (and yes, I have the 4S as well) made a relatively smooth jump.

Would be easy to say "just use Google Maps" but for me, that's a bit too clunky.

Waiting to see what Apple's latest buyouts will bear.

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