Spammers in our midst?

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Seems we've got three submissions that shouldn't be here:

  • Two illegal (on my side of the pond, anyway) phone tapping apps
  • An Android device (duh!)

I wonder how their creators were able to register? I mean, some joking around is excusable, but what this is, I don't know, dont want to know, and don't want a lot of blowback if security has to be enforced to hold the integrity of real work here.

"You can't have eggs, bacon, SPAM, and sausage without the SPAM."
—Monty Python sketch

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I've certainly noticed an increase in comment spam over the past couple of months, and have been trying my best to block offending users when I can. I've been considering allowing only registered users to post comments, but haven't yet completely committed to the idea - I want it to be as easy as is possible to ask questions and get help around here. Maybe we could force the registration just over the 'off season' to keep the spam at bay while things are otherwise quiet.

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