The 2008 AlumiBook: standard, pro or both?

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OK, so I'm thinking about the Late 2008 Aluminum MacBook as I'm doing a little write-up on it yesterday, and the question comes up in my head: Is this model in a class by itself? Should it be standard, as it is now, or moved over to the MacBook Pro area? I'm looking to poll a few within this space.

Case for Standard: By Machine ID, this is a MacBook square and true. It has only USB for expansion, as many MacBooks do. Although it looks professional, techies know the score: in gigabytes of RAM, their model can have eight, but this gets only four.

Case for Pro: A trackpad for many fingers lingers here from the MacBook Air. And on the white model? Sorry, but you won't find it there. The thirteen-inch Pro owes its presence to this one-of-a-kind, and with a backlit keyboard, dare I say, it's simply divine.

What say you, Roaring Apps fans? I'm making it your call to settle this, this crazed dispute, for one time and for all.

(Not a bad attempt at poetry, methinks, but a shade out of meter.)

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Haha, well done. My vote would be for standard MacBook, for no particular reason.

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