AppleTV: Clearing up a bug

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I just noticed something odd re: categories, and it has messed up the categorization of the ATV, though it works for other devices. Here's the problem I'm trying to solve:

  • The FIRST GEN ATV ran off of an OS X Tiger base with Front Row. This was progressively modified up to software update 3.2, the last version to run off this base
  • The SECOND and THIRD GEN ATV units are iOS devices, though they can't yet use all iOS features. The 2G unit carried iOS 4.1 as ATV 4.0; the 3G unit started with iOS 5.1 as ATV 5.0.

That said, and having established different bases for the PVR and streaming units, then:

  • If correctly divided into their proper sub-categories, only the sub is displayed in the Device page
  • Rightly, the Apple TV category should instead open to the two sub-categories we've set up

This shouldn't adversely affect other device types, but what we COULD do is allow the user to filter along different device types.

Any workaround?

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It looks like you've sorted it out with the sub-categories:

         / OS-X based
Apple TV  
         \ iOS based

I've changed around the Apple TV page to show the two sub-categories (and hidden them from the main page).

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Got it. Much obliged.

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