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Hi folks, When I first installed Lion and tried iFamily a few weeks ago it wouldn't work - so I decided to leave it for a while in case the application was still being updated. Tried again just now and it is still not working. I got to this forum after a google search which took me to your list of applications - and this list says it is supposed to work. Not sure what to do next.

I also downloaded the trial version of Adobe CS5.5 yesterday. I already use CS4 and wanted to see whether it was worth getting the new one. Now Acrobat can't or won't open any PDF files downloaded from the net and an enquiry of Adobe indicated that there is an incompatibility between some versions of Acrobat and Lion. This 30 day free trial interferes with my efforts to view PDF files by displaying a window which says I have 00 days left of my trial (should be 30 days). This window seems to bump my Acrobat straight to Heaven and only offers an option to PURCHASE. The Acrobat window seems to display almost subliminally fast on the screen before disappearing when the CS5.5 window pops up.

Decisions, decisions! Do I dump CS5.5? Do I dump Lion? Will patience pay off? Will these problems fix themselves or will I need the help of someone more skilful than myself?

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