Universal App seen as Powerppc by Lion

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Just to share something and ask for Help and understanding :

The application Booksmart from Blurb is compatible with Lion as an universal app.
When you read info in mac osx, it's a universal app but when i launch it : error message : powerpc app is not supported !
I contacted the Blurb support : Install it on another account of the same computer, everything will be ok on both accounts. I did it, it worked on the other account,
but not on the first one !
So i'm going nut because we share the same disk, same applications, same permissions. I searched through the both libraries delete some files.

No way : this stupid Clarence still see powerpc app on my account at launch and nowhere else.

Help before madness

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Here's how I fixed a similar issue It has something to do with your LaunchServices plist file working its way up from Snow Leopard; this file apparently told the OS which apps had the "open using Rosetta" flag set:

1. In the Finder, click Go > Go to Folder.
2. In the box, type this path:


3. Click the Go button.
4. Locate the following:


5. Trash these files.
6. Empty your Trash.
7. Reboot

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