MS OFFICE 2008 and Lion

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Anyone have any difficulty using MS Office 2008, specifically Entourage and Word with Lion?


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I have not tried this myself, but the applications in mac: Office 2008 should technically work with Lion; however, the installer requires Rosetta, which is not supported under Lion. Even if the applications work perfectly after the upgrade to Lion, you will not be able to reinstall them.

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Entourage works fine. I use Office 2011 for Word, Excel & PowerPoint so I can't speak to how well the 2008 versions work.

The previous posters statement about the installer requiring Rosetta is not true. I did a clean Lion install and did a clean Office 2008 install. The installer worked fine for both versions 2008 & 2011.

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I am having some difficulty with opening a .doc from MS 2008 that someone sent me from his MAC. Anyone having this issue? It is weird. It says "this file type is blocked"

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I have been using Word 2008, Excel 2008 and PowerPoint 2008 for five days on Lion with many files I created on Snow Leopard and have had no problems. I have also created new files with no problem.

I don't use Microsoft Entourage.

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