RoaringApps for iOS 5? - by bcammo

Here's a quick poll for you - would you use a version of RoaringApps to check compatibility of iOS apps with iOS 5? Or is it pointless given that Apple reviews every app before it is released? Have your say now!

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src=""></script>
<a href="">Would you like to see an iOS version of RoaringApps?</a><span style="font-size:9px;"><a href="">survey software</a></span>

RoaringApps IRC Channel - by bcammo

Thanks to some help from a generous RoaringApps user, we now have an IRC channel to discuss all things RoaringApps and OS X Lion. Head over to to find the channel details, and use the web interface or an IRC client to join the discussion.

New: Developer status - by bcammo

As you may have noticed, a new feature has been rolled out over the past couple of days - Developer status. This allows registered developers to view all comments relating to their apps in one easy place, provides an RSS feed of these comments, and tags any comments they make on their app pages with the 'Developer' tag, so that people know it's an official response. A list of their applications is also generated on developer's profile pages.
Registering as a developer is quick, easy and free, and makes it just that little bit easier to keep track of what people are saying about your app's compatibility with Mac OS X Lion.

The Index - now easier to browse apps - by bcammo

Today I am very delighted to be able to introduce a new feature to RoaringApps that will make it easier to browse and find apps in the database. The Index (as I'm calling it) allows you to select apps based on the first letter or number in an app's title. This is something that seems pretty simple but is nigh on impossible to do by default with Wikidot (which hosts RoaringApps). Enter the API, and the wonderful services of Shane Smith, who coded up a little program for me to make implementing this a breeze.

Currently, any new app that is added will need to be processed before showing up in the index list (but it will appear in the default table straight away). Processing will occur within 24 hours of any new app being added.

The Index is only available on the Apps Table at the moment, but the Grid will be supported soon too. I hope you find The Index makes browsing RoaringApps an easier experience, and I welcome any feedback or suggestions below.


New: application tags - by bcammo

For a while now I've wanted the ability to categorise apps, but there's been no easy and intuitive way to achieve this. That is, until a couple of days ago when was updated with a new feature, allowing me to implement a slick and easy-to-use tagging system. So now, you can categorise apps just by clicking on the appropriate tag under the 'Tags' heading.

new application tagging system

An app can have multiple tags, and currently active tags are coloured green. Click on a green tag to remove it. Over the coming days I'll add some better ways to explore apps based on their categories, but in the meantime, feel free to get tagging!

The available tags were taken directly from the App Store categories section. If you think there should be more or less tags available for you to choose from, please let me know below.

Also accompanying the update is a slightly modified app page, with Versions, Tags and Notes now in 3 easily defined collapsible blocks.

Breaking News: Mac OS X Lion cancelled - by bcammo

Following the shock resignation of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, news has begun to emerge that the company is already looking for ways to save some cash. Leaked contingency plans from the company predict a decrease in its customer base following the departure of the highly revered Jobs, and cost-cutting measures are already being put into place to ensure the financial stability of the company.

RoaringApps has received information from an Apple employee that suggests Mac OS X Lion has been scrapped. Rather than releasing the new OS, which is nearing Gold Master, the company will instead offer Mac users a modified version of iOS 5, due for release later this year. The move is expected to save Apple $500 million over the next six months, which will be redirected to the iOS juggernaut, widely acknowledged as the future of the company.

With the cancellation of Mac OS X Lion, it is with a heavy heart that I announce RoaringApps will be shutdown. While some exciting features may never see the light of day, there is now no reason to continue developing the site. I sincerely thank each and every contributor to the database over the past couple of months; it has been a wild ride, and one that I am proud to have been a part of. The site will be closed within 36 hours.

New: personal docks - by bcammo
Add to my dock button

If you've taken the leap and become a member of the site (and if you haven't, why not?), you may have noticed a new button on each app's page, asking you to "add to my dock". Clicking the button will add the app to your very own RoaringApps dock, located on your profile page. The result? A personalised collection of apps considered by you important enough to warrant a position in easy reach. The apps in your dock might reflect your most used apps, or just ones that you want to easily be able to find here on RoaringApps.

New RoaringApps docks
Docked label

Apps that you have in your dock will show the docked label, and an option to remove them from the dock. Currently the dock is limited to display just six apps; if you have added more than six, they will be shown randomly. I have plans to increase this number.

This new feature is available thanks to a update to the Wikidot hosting platform that RoaringApps runs on. The dock is full of CSS3 goodness, and looks best in Safari, then Chrome, then Firefox. Feedback is more than welcome.

New: multiple app versions - by bcammo

Today I am pleased to introduce a new feature here on RoaringApps that will hopefully make classifying application statuses a little easier - the ability to define multiple versions of the same app, each with an individual Mac OS X Lion status.
The most recently released stable version number should still be recorded in each app's main profile, and additional versions, whether they be previous builds or future beta releases, can now easily be added.

On another note, a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to RoaringApps over the past couple of days - it has been great to see the community and database grow in size each day. We reached 300 applications overnight, with more than 180 different developers and 75 community members. Keep up the good work.


Forum posts & app comments - text formatting - by RoaringApps

RoaringApps is powered by, and each forum post and application comment is an individual wiki page. This means all the wonderfully easy Wikidot syntax can be used in your comments across the site. To help get you on your feet, here's a short overview of some handy syntax.

Regular text formatting
Syntax Formatted text
**bold** bold
//italic// italic
__underline__ underline
--strikethrough-- strikethrough
{{teletype}} teletype
normal^^superscript^^ normalsuperscript
normal,,subscript,, normalsubscript
##blue|predefined colour## predefined colour
##AAAAAA|custom colour## custom colour
normal[[footnote]]Footnote text[[/footnote]] normal1
Syntax Result Notes
[ Apple Website] Apple Website External link
[[[app:10|]]] Coda Internal link2
[[[app:10| visit Coda app]]] visit Coda app Internal link3

Images can be inserted using the following syntax. All attributes (except image source url) are optional and can be removed.

[[image width="100px" height="100px" alt="alt text" title="Image title" link="" style="extra CSS styling"]]
Quote block

> This is a quote block.

This is a quote block

Code block

<div class="myDiv"></div>

<div class="myDiv"></div>

For syntax highlighting of code, use [[code type="myType"]], where myType can be php, html, cpp, css, diff, dtd, java, javascript, perl, python, ruby, or xml.

[[code type="html"]]
<div class="myDiv"></div>

<div class="myDiv"></div>

If you need any help understanding the syntax, feel free to ask below.

New: Improved developer pages - by bcammo

Thanks to some great work by Wikidot, I've been able to improve the developer pages to integrate even better with the rest of the site. All of a developer's apps are now shown in beautiful grid view, and are counted automatically (rather than the app count being a select field in the data form).

Another recent improvement is the alphabetical listing of developers in the drop-down list on application pages, which makes the overall process far more user friendly.

These are small but important updates to the site which will hopefully improve the overall user experience.

New: application grid view - by bcammo

For those of you with a phobia of tables, or who would prefer to drool at the lovely icons, I've just added a new way of viewing the apps - application grid view. With it comes an easy way to switch between the two views - the new fixed navigation links (and 'add app button') should always be in easy reach.

For anyone interested in CSS, try resizing your browser window - notice how the links always stay in the center of the window. And, when the window becomes too narrow, the links simply disappear out of the way. Neat, huh?

Welcome to RoaringApps - by bcammo

Hello World! On behalf of everyone here at RoaringApps (read: bcammo), it is a pleasure to launch the site after many months of planning, coding and designing. Please take a look around and tell me what you think of the site.
For the next week, we will be in a beta phase, which means you can create fake apps, test comments and pseudo-developers to give the site a good working over to help squash any final bugs. One week from today I will remove all test apps, developers & comments and we can start databasing Mac apps for real. A big thank you to you for visiting the site, and I hope you'll stick around to see the community grow.

Bryce - RoaringApps creator