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Re: Lion on MPB Late '08 - by Fabichan

Thank you for your answer!
Because on my Mac even Snow Leopard doesn't run smooth evertime. Maybe with Lion it will be better!

Re: Lion on MPB Late '08 - by erio

Works great on MBP (Late '08) 2.53 Ghz

Lion on MPB Late '08 - by Fabichan

has anyone tested out Lion on a MacBook Pro 15 inch late '08 with 2,4Ghz processor yet?
Does it run smooth or is it laggy at all?
Thanks in advance!

Re: Double that s for app icon files! - by bcammo

Hmm, looks like you might have found a bug. I remember seeing this a while ago but not thinking anything of it. I'll raise it with Wikidot.

.app file extension? - by Rolandius

I am finding a lot of uploaded images with ".app" extensions? Is this something new in Lion for picture formats, or just a user mistake?

Double that s for "app icon" files! - by Rolandius

Why does Wikidot, or whomever, add an extra "s" to every "s" found in the name of an app icon file? For example, "Smart Scroll.png" becomes "SSmart-SScroll.png". I am guessing the "-" has to be added for some technical reason too.

Re: RoaringApps IRC Channel - by (user deleted)

Come on guys and gals, Join the network and have a chat with us, if you dont get any answer at first, stay connected and wait for someone else to connect :D

Re: Application/AppleScript to auto-mark apps as compatible - by janpihl

I Think this is a great idear, just like the Macupdate app.
I would be great to an app/script that could do this…

Re: Random App Finder button - by Rolandius

That explains it. Probably 60 seconds went by at the time I clicked it around the tenth time. :)

Re: Skype - by dpetree

I have not seen that. It works good for me in Skype,iChat and all the photo apps. I use a Logitech USB cam. I have not tested the built in cam on my macbook pro, just the one on my mac pro

Re: Random App Finder button - by bcammo

Unfortunately the random page is cached for 60 seconds (and there's no way around this) - so you have to stay on a page for 60 seconds before clicking it again to get different pages consistently.

Random App Finder button - by Rolandius

I think the button is not working too well, for me at least. It takes around 10 clicks on the button for a new app page to appear.

Re: Candidate for review - by bcammo

This has now been implemented with a Lion-inspired segmented control. Pages can be marked for review by moderators, or tagged as a duplicate app (i.e. there are two copies of the same app in the database).

Re: New: personal docks - by bcammo

Personal docks have been upgraded - they're now 50% bigger (i.e. they now show 9 apps, instead of 6) and are fixed to the bottom of the window. The applications folder next to the trashcan links to a grid showing all of your docked apps, with the status indicators engaged - this way you can use your dock to keep track of the apps you use most & easily check their compatibility.

Re: Candidate for review - by Rolandius

Or maybe combine them? A user could tag it, then choose a reason; one being "duplicate", another being "PPC", etc. :)

Re: Candidate for review - by bcammo

Good idea - I'll add this soon. I'm also going to add a button to mark an app as a duplicate.

Candidate for review - by Rolandius

I think there should be a way for the user to tag a page for "review" by you (admin). An example of something that would be tagged is the page for OSEx. (This mainly depends on if Rosetta is actually being dropped by Lion.) This application is not only PPC, not only was last updated in 2002, but the "homepage" does not work.

RoaringApps for iOS 5? - by bcammo

Here's a quick poll for you - would you use a version of RoaringApps to check compatibility of iOS apps with iOS 5? Or is it pointless given that Apple reviews every app before it is released? Have your say now!

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src=""></script>
<a href="">Would you like to see an iOS version of RoaringApps?</a><span style="font-size:9px;"><a href="">survey software</a></span>

Application/AppleScript to auto-mark apps as compatible? - by The_Ben

I've been using the site for a while now, and even updated/added some apps to the site. However, I feel like a lot is being missed on the site while the user has to manually search for all of his/her applications on the site.

This can be fixed by creating a OS X app/AppleScript that will scan /Applications and mark the apps with Labels as follows:
Green - app working on Lion
Yellow - app partially works on Lion (which lets the user know that he should check out the site and see what those problems are)
Red - app doesn't work on Lion
Grey - app status is unknown on Lion/app not found on the site

I think this will be a huge improvement to the site, and will sure to draw many users to use it as we come closer to the Lion launch this coming July.

I would do it myself, but I don't know how to code other than some basics really. But I would gladly help out if I can.

RoaringApps IRC Channel - by bcammo

Thanks to some help from a generous RoaringApps user, we now have an IRC channel to discuss all things RoaringApps and OS X Lion. Head over to to find the channel details, and use the web interface or an IRC client to join the discussion.

Re: Bug report: Adding application version - by bcammo

This has now been fixed and all application versions redirect to the parent app page (after creating a new version, or editing an existing one). Thanks for tip Shane :)

Final Cut Pro 6? - by Sblaustein

Does anyone know if FCP 6 will run on Lion?

New: Developer status - by bcammo

As you may have noticed, a new feature has been rolled out over the past couple of days - Developer status. This allows registered developers to view all comments relating to their apps in one easy place, provides an RSS feed of these comments, and tags any comments they make on their app pages with the 'Developer' tag, so that people know it's an official response. A list of their applications is also generated on developer's profile pages.
Registering as a developer is quick, easy and free, and makes it just that little bit easier to keep track of what people are saying about your app's compatibility with Mac OS X Lion.

Re: Bug report: Adding application version - by leiger

You can fix this without breaking the comments count.

At the moment each app-version page is linked back to it's original application by a tag that looks like this:

If you change the tag to the actual page name (i.e. use visible tag app:38 rather than hidden tag _version-38), you should be able to then use this in the Redirect module's destination to return to the correct page.

[[module Redirect destination="/%%tags%%"]]
Re: Bug report: Adding application version - by bcammo

Ah, silly me. I can't believe I didn't think of this! Thanks for reporting it - it's related to the fix for the comments count being incorrect. A real fix will come in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime I'll do the easy option & break the comments count temporarily. I should get around to it later tonight.

Re: Bug report: Adding application version - by Rolandius

I second that. It happens to me half of the time.

Bug report: Adding application version - by leiger

After saving changes to an application version, I am redirected to application-version:_all, not to the application I came from.

Re: The Index - now easier to browse apps - by leiger

Thanks for the mention & link back :)

The Index - now easier to browse apps - by bcammo

Today I am very delighted to be able to introduce a new feature to RoaringApps that will make it easier to browse and find apps in the database. The Index (as I'm calling it) allows you to select apps based on the first letter or number in an app's title. This is something that seems pretty simple but is nigh on impossible to do by default with Wikidot (which hosts RoaringApps). Enter the API, and the wonderful services of Shane Smith, who coded up a little program for me to make implementing this a breeze.

Currently, any new app that is added will need to be processed before showing up in the index list (but it will appear in the default table straight away). Processing will occur within 24 hours of any new app being added.

The Index is only available on the Apps Table at the moment, but the Grid will be supported soon too. I hope you find The Index makes browsing RoaringApps an easier experience, and I welcome any feedback or suggestions below.


Skype - by Rockerode

I just wanted to ask this to see if anyone else is having this problem:

with skype, is anyone else not being able to use their camera? It picks it up but the camera will not work. My camera, however works in iPhoto and other places, just not skype. I have a MBP 2010.

Re: Steam - by bcammo

Removed. Thanks for pointing it out.

Steam - by leiger

app:846 should be deleted, as it is a duplicate of Steam.

Re: Welcome to RoaringApps - by Rolandius

Oh I see. I guess that is easier in the end anyways? The only thing is that the site's applications' versions would have to be fairly updated. For instance, the latest stable version, the latest beta version, etc. I don't think the user would want to be shown an application have many versions of one kind, for example stable version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. which I have seen on some pages. It should be updated as 1.3, or whatever it is, versus just added on – for each kind of course.

Re: Welcome to RoaringApps - by leiger

Actually, looking at this page it seems that the SnowChecker app only checked the name of applications on your Mac, rather than the version. So in the case where I can't detect the version number for whatever reason, I could always fall back on displaying all versions for the apps that are installed.

Re: Welcome to RoaringApps - by leiger

Yes, pulling information from would be simple - it was the user side I'm not sure about since I'm a relatively new Mac owner.

I know about the existence of the Info.plist file in application bundles, but haven't looked at it in detail. I'll take a look ASAP and see if there's a way for me to retrieve what I need directly from there :)

Re: Welcome to RoaringApps - by Rolandius


The source for the version number of applications would be this site. Or did you mean the user side? If so, I think it is stored in the applications' "Info.plist" file. Apple's own System Profiler application tells the user, usually, what version the apps on their computer are at too.

Appfresh says it uses as a source.

Oh well, just an idea.

Re: Welcome to RoaringApps - by leiger

Ah, I see. So the benefit would be to automatically check the list against what you currently have installed.

Most of my experience is with Java applications, rather than the native Cocoa framework, but I suspect it still may be possible for me to do this. I can only know for sure if Java is capable of it, or if a native app is required, once I understand where the version number of existing applications is being pulled from.

AppFresh seems to do this somehow.

I'll look into it…

Re: Welcome to RoaringApps - by Rolandius

Besides RoaringApps having its own app, I am not sure. :)

I got the idea when I saw the Snow Leopard Compatibility wiki's app, SnowChecker. Maybe it could be used as a version checker to tell the user quickly, without first going on the web, if they have the latest version of Lion software – although there are a couple of similar apps out there I think.

Re: Comments Count Incorrect - by leiger

Ah, nice. You're relating version pages to the app page using tags that contain app page name, rather than a parent-child link. Great idea!

Re: Comments Count Incorrect - by bcammo

This has now been fixed.

Re: Comments Count Incorrect - by leiger

*puts on German accent*
"I know nothing–NOTHING!"

Re: Comments Count Incorrect - by bcammo

Shhh, you're not meant to notice this :) As previously, %%children%% is showing both app versions & comments, except this time it's already in a ListPages module, so there's no option to use CountPages. I'll have to fix it up with tags once I get a chance.

Re: Comments Count Incorrect - by leiger

Comments count is still incorrect here:

Hover over "STE" and you'll see that it claims to have 5 comments on the page. It's picking up the actual comments and the version pages.

Re: Welcome to RoaringApps - by leiger

I could create such an application - though I'm not sure why it would be needed? Could you explain a few of the benefits, when it would pretty much just show the same information that is already available here?


Re: This is a Lion forum NOT Snow Leopard - by leiger

A member has been adding all the apps that come built in. That member has noted in their profile that they are running 10.6. So what's the point in being here?

Anyone is perfectly capable of contributing to the website, even if they are not using 10.7.

First: All the versions posted are for the Snow Leopard versions not the new versions in Lion.

Then you can edit the page to change it to the latest version? That's the beauty of a wiki format - anyone can edit the pages in order to fix mistakes like this.

Second: There are some apps that have been removed in Lion and should not even be on here. (Thank you moderator for deleting iSync)

Personally, I feel the opposite about this. Such applications should be recorded here with a note to indicate that they are not available for 10.7.

The whole point of this website is for people to check the compatibility status of their most-used applications in 10.6 or an earlier version of Mac OS X, and from that decide whether it's worth upgrading immediately or waiting for their apps to be more compatible.

Finding the application they are searching for and seeing a note to indicate that it is no longer included in Lion… that is a much better option that not being able to find their application at all. Wouldn't you agree? :)

Third: This one is a personal opinion but how is adding a bunch of apps as unknown constructive or helpful? Just clutters up the list. I don't believe unknown should be an option as it provides no useful information about whether the app works or not which is the primary function of the site (is it not?).

The benefit of adding applications and marking them as 'unknown' is that it tells everyone else that the app still needs to be tested, and therefore might encourage someone to try it out and update the page.

I'm sure that the vast majority of people that are visiting this site are doing it to check for a few specific applications - so a cluttered, comprehensive list is better in my opinion, as most of the time people will type the name of the application they are looking for into the search field, and be taken straight to the right page.

Yes, the primary function of the website is to provide details about whether a specific app will work on Lion. And yes, in that case 'unknown' isn't very useful. But as I mentioned above, I believe that 'unknown' is better than not having the page exist at all.

Well thats my rant. This is not meant to be mean in any way to any one.

Likewise, I hope you don't misinterpret my post to be provocative. Would like to hear what you think about my response.


This is a Lion forum NOT Snow Leopard - by 87racer

A member has been adding all the apps that come built in. That member has noted in their profile that they are running 10.6. So what's the point in being here?

First: All the versions posted are for the Snow Leopard versions not the new versions in Lion.
Second: There are some apps that have been removed in Lion and should not even be on here. (Thank you moderator for deleting iSync)
Third: This one is a personal opinion but how is adding a bunch of apps as unknown constructive or helpful? Just clutters up the list. I don't believe unknown should be an option as it provides no useful information about whether the app works or not which is the primary function of the site (is it not?).

Well thats my rant. This is not meant to be mean in any way to any one.

Re: New: application tags - by bcammo

Agreed! I've just added an 'Internet' tag. Sorry about the delay.

Re: New: application tags - by Rolandius

How about a category like "Internet"? Somewhere where you can place web browsers, web plug-ins, web extensions, etc. Is there a category currently that they can fit under? I don't really see them fitting under "Utilities" like other apps I know that belong under that category.

Re: Adding A New Developer - by Rolandius

I just found out something. If you want to get to the bottom of the list, or any company actually, click on "developer" and then type the first few letters in the name – the list will jump to that section! :)

Re: Uploading icons: Tutorial - by iest

An easier way is…

1. Right click the app, click Get Info
2. Click the app icon, hit cmd-c to copy
3. Open, hit cmd-n (to open new from clipboard), then save the file somewhere
4. Now hit cmd-shift-s to export, select PNG from the drop down. Upload and you're done!

Re: Adding A New Developer - by Rockerode

Why thank you! I didn't know that "create new" was down at the bottom. Too long of a list :D

Re: Adding A New Developer - by Rolandius

Just click on "developer" and scroll through the menu to see if the name is already there and choose it. In this case, the developer's name was not there so you would scroll all the way to the bottom and choose "Create new". You type the name and press enter. The developer will now be in the menu and you can scroll to it and choose it. I added the developer to IceClean for you.

Adding A New Developer? - by Rockerode

How does one add a new developer to the list? I recently added "IceClean" and it lacks macdentro.

Re: Adobe Creative Suite 3 - by dpetree

I just installed CS5 and it worked fine. Do not know if that helps you or not.

Re: Breaking News: Mac OS X Lion cancelled - by bcammo

Yep, not only is it April 1 where I am, it's past 12 noon - which means no more jokes :)

Re: New: personal docks - by bcammo

There's now a link to your profile page in the main navigation at the top of the page - look for the little white man (or woman).

New: application tags - by bcammo

For a while now I've wanted the ability to categorise apps, but there's been no easy and intuitive way to achieve this. That is, until a couple of days ago when was updated with a new feature, allowing me to implement a slick and easy-to-use tagging system. So now, you can categorise apps just by clicking on the appropriate tag under the 'Tags' heading.

new application tagging system

An app can have multiple tags, and currently active tags are coloured green. Click on a green tag to remove it. Over the coming days I'll add some better ways to explore apps based on their categories, but in the meantime, feel free to get tagging!

The available tags were taken directly from the App Store categories section. If you think there should be more or less tags available for you to choose from, please let me know below.

Also accompanying the update is a slightly modified app page, with Versions, Tags and Notes now in 3 easily defined collapsible blocks.

Re: Breaking News: Mac OS X Lion cancelled - by 87racer

Ha! April fools come early this year or are you somewhere where it is already April 1st?

Breaking News: Mac OS X Lion cancelled - by bcammo

Following the shock resignation of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, news has begun to emerge that the company is already looking for ways to save some cash. Leaked contingency plans from the company predict a decrease in its customer base following the departure of the highly revered Jobs, and cost-cutting measures are already being put into place to ensure the financial stability of the company.

RoaringApps has received information from an Apple employee that suggests Mac OS X Lion has been scrapped. Rather than releasing the new OS, which is nearing Gold Master, the company will instead offer Mac users a modified version of iOS 5, due for release later this year. The move is expected to save Apple $500 million over the next six months, which will be redirected to the iOS juggernaut, widely acknowledged as the future of the company.

With the cancellation of Mac OS X Lion, it is with a heavy heart that I announce RoaringApps will be shutdown. While some exciting features may never see the light of day, there is now no reason to continue developing the site. I sincerely thank each and every contributor to the database over the past couple of months; it has been a wild ride, and one that I am proud to have been a part of. The site will be closed within 36 hours.

Re: New: personal docks - by bcammo
  1. Not currently - thanks for pointing this out. I'll look to add a permanent link asap.
  2. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do to change this behaviour. I've got some updates for the profile pages coming soon that will change the way you look at your recent contributions.
Re: New: personal docks - by Rolandius

I have two related questions/observations.

1) Is there an easier way to get to my RoaringApps profile page besides clicking on the link in the forum or bookmarking the webpage?

2) On my profile page, under "contributions", whenever I click on the next, previous, or any numbered page it first goes back to "profile" where the dock is at. I then have to click again on "contributions" to see whichever page I selected. I have to keep doing this if I want to continue to look through more of my "contributions" pages.

Re: New: personal docks - by bcammo

Challenge accepted! Chrome's CSS3 animation and transitions are noticeably inferior to Safari's, but I guess that's the price you pay for an otherwise very fast browser.

Re: New: personal docks - by leiger

Just a thought - why not emulate the whole Mac desktop using CSS3? Then I can get the same experience without forking out cash for an overpriced computer that - for some reason - I still so desperately want to own! ;-) Despite the fact that Apple doesn't like my Java apps all that much :)

Re: New: personal docks - by leiger

Ha, a personal comment! ;-)

I had already seen your dock, so it was fairly obvious that mine would be on my profile too.

It's a bit glitchy in Google Chrome. Hard to explain unless I'm recording a video of it, so I might do that later. Testing Safari first as you mentioned above that it is your first choice for viewing the dock.

Edit: Oh wait, I fell for it. Damn you ListUsers module! XD

Edit 2: Works perfectly in Safari - nice smooth transition / hover effect, rather than how Chrome makes it jump all over the place for me.

Re: Personal docks (troubleshooting) - by bcammo

Here's a small bit of troubleshooting advice - if you can see the 'add to my dock' button, but can't find your dock, chances are you're not a member of the site. Head over to the join page and press that big green button. You'll now have your very own profile page, and a personalised dock.
If you've come across any other problems, just ask below.

New: personal docks - by bcammo
Add to my dock button

If you've taken the leap and become a member of the site (and if you haven't, why not?), you may have noticed a new button on each app's page, asking you to "add to my dock". Clicking the button will add the app to your very own RoaringApps dock, located on your profile page. The result? A personalised collection of apps considered by you important enough to warrant a position in easy reach. The apps in your dock might reflect your most used apps, or just ones that you want to easily be able to find here on RoaringApps.

New RoaringApps docks
Docked label

Apps that you have in your dock will show the docked label, and an option to remove them from the dock. Currently the dock is limited to display just six apps; if you have added more than six, they will be shown randomly. I have plans to increase this number.

This new feature is available thanks to a update to the Wikidot hosting platform that RoaringApps runs on. The dock is full of CSS3 goodness, and looks best in Safari, then Chrome, then Firefox. Feedback is more than welcome.

Re: 64-bit - by 87racer

That is strange and incorrect. I have an new iMac and a new Macbook Air and both use 64bit by default. most new systems since 2010 I would think use the 64bit kernel.

Re: 64-bit - by Rolandius

Maybe I am mixing terms up. My computer is not "old", but it isn't the latest one either. I was referring to this:

Adobe Creative Suite 3? - by Enigmaraff

Anyone got a copy of CS3 that they can test on Lion?

Re: 64-bit - by 87racer

A computer is simply several pieces of hardware working together to present an operating system. if you are referring to OSX as the computer then most computers with 10.6 run the 64bit kernel by default. They only run 32bit if the processor doesn't support it or the user forces it into 32bit. In 10.7 so far it doesn't look like 32bit is supported anymore which is why they are phasing out support for some old processors.

Re: 64-bit - by Rolandius

I meant the actual computer. By default, last I read, only a few computers use the 64-bit kernel.

Re: 64-bit - by capz

errrr Lion is 64-bit only as far as im aware……
also, 10.6 is 64-bit on most computers.. my Late 2006 iMac runs in 64bit mode

Re: Lion on Macbook Core Duo! - by Embio

No, Lion only officially supports 64bit (ie Core 2 Duo and above) machines - so in theory it should not work but it seems Apple are still compiling it for 32bit only machines

Re: Anonymous - by bcammo

When Anonymous is shown, it means the page was created/edited by someone who is not logged in with a account. As far as I am aware there is no way to cloak your identity when logged in (other than logging out).

Re: Comments Count Incorrect solved - by bcammo

Fixed. With the new app version system, page children are no longer exclusively comments, so I had to replace %%children%% with a CountPages module. Thanks for reporting.

Comments Count Incorrect - by tsangk

I'm on mobile at the moment, but title says it all… Comment found on app - Forklife- shows 3 comments when only two is displayed….

Anonymous? - by Rolandius

When it says a page was created or updated by "Anonymous", does that mean they are not registered or are they members just choosing to hide their name?

Re: New: application grid view - by bcammo

Thanks for pointing this out. I'm working on a fix right now.

Re: New: multiple app versions - by bcammo

Leiger said:
I'd suggest allowing a short description of what problems occur in each version though

Yes, I had thought of this but couldn't make up my mind as to whether or not I wanted to add it. Basically I was taking the easy option :)

Re: New: multiple app versions - by leiger

Edit: Oh, and a redirect module in the app-version category takes you back to the application once you've saved the page (something I learnt from you on the STE extensions site). :)

This is also how the page-based forum operates, returning you to the thread after posting a comment :) Redirect is a very simple module … but it's very powerful for wikidot-built applications as you've seen.

Re: New: multiple app versions - by bcammo

It's pretty simple really. New versions are added via a link to create a new page in the auto-numbered app-version category (the parent page is set as the current application). A simple data form allows you to select the app's status and enter the version number (as title of the page - so that they can be ordered numerically). Then in the app:_template page, a ListPages module selects pages in the app-version category that have parent=".", and displays the title and data form status field.

Edit: Oh, and a redirect module in the app-version category takes you back to the application once you've saved the page (something I learnt from you on the STE extensions site). :)

Re: New: multiple app versions - by leiger

From a purely technical standpoint for other Wikidot users, how have you set this up?

I can think of a couple ways of achieving this, but would like to know how you've done it. I'll have a quick look now to see if I can figure it out without the source code.

Edit: Looks great! No need to explain how it works :) It is very similar to what I'm already doing on my own site here, offering downloads of each version on the right of the page: Nintendo DS homebrew: Moonshell media player.

I'd suggest allowing a short description of what problems occur in each version though - it would make more sense to be on the version page rather than in the main "notes" section.

New: multiple app versions - by bcammo

Today I am pleased to introduce a new feature here on RoaringApps that will hopefully make classifying application statuses a little easier - the ability to define multiple versions of the same app, each with an individual Mac OS X Lion status.
The most recently released stable version number should still be recorded in each app's main profile, and additional versions, whether they be previous builds or future beta releases, can now easily be added.

On another note, a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to RoaringApps over the past couple of days - it has been great to see the community and database grow in size each day. We reached 300 applications overnight, with more than 180 different developers and 75 community members. Keep up the good work.


Re: Lion on Macbook Core Duo! - by leiger

I don't own a Mac so forgive my ignorance… but are you saying that attempting to install it directly on to the Macbook Core Duo 1.83 would not work?

Lion on Macbook Core Duo! - by Embio

just a quick note - I installed Lion on an external USB drive connected to a Mac Mini Core 2 Duo, then removed


and the drive then booted on my Macbook Core Duo 1.83 with no issues!


Re: New: application grid view - by Rolandius

I noticed that some of the applications' grids aren't big enough to fit all their info.

Re: Uploading icons: Tutorial - by Rolandius

I'm adding/replacing any I run into. AppCleaner's and Bar Code Pro's icons are some that need replacing though still – if anyone has those applications.

Re: Welcome to RoaringApps - by bcammo

Something may be developed in the future, however given I'm not a developer, it won't be by my hands. Should someone wish to create such an app, the Wikidot API may be useful to grab app statuses directly from this site.

Uploading icons: Tutorial - by ELLIOTTCABLE

A lot of apps don’t have icons. It’s simple.

Open the /Applications folder; right-click on the app you’re discussing, and click “Get info.” Left-click the icon at the top-left of the “Get info” window, next to the app’s name, once: it will become selected and display a blue border. Hit ⌘C.

Open /Developer/Applications/Utilities/Icon; hit ⌘V. Save the file with ⌘S.

Open the resultant .icns file with Use File > Save As… to export the file as a .png (with alpha-layer!)

Upload that .png to the app’s page here on RoaringApps.

Re: Welcome to RoaringApps - by Rolandius

Do you think an application from this site will come out in the future? The Snow Leopard Compatibility wiki – which seems to me to be inactive now – had an application called SnowChecker.

64-bit - by Rolandius

Anyone here running their computer on 64-bit, or are they okay staying with the default of 32-bit? Will Lion keep the whole idea of having the default at 32-bit?

Re: Lion - by Rolandius

Anyone think that Lion will be the last of the OS X series? I would think they would have kept the Lion, "king of the jungle", name until 10.9 – if the series goes that high.

Forum posts & app comments - text formatting - by RoaringApps

RoaringApps is powered by, and each forum post and application comment is an individual wiki page. This means all the wonderfully easy Wikidot syntax can be used in your comments across the site. To help get you on your feet, here's a short overview of some handy syntax.

Regular text formatting
Syntax Formatted text
**bold** bold
//italic// italic
__underline__ underline
--strikethrough-- strikethrough
{{teletype}} teletype
normal^^superscript^^ normalsuperscript
normal,,subscript,, normalsubscript
##blue|predefined colour## predefined colour
##AAAAAA|custom colour## custom colour
normal[[footnote]]Footnote text[[/footnote]] normal1
Syntax Result Notes
[ Apple Website] Apple Website External link
[[[app:10|]]] Coda Internal link2
[[[app:10| visit Coda app]]] visit Coda app Internal link3

Images can be inserted using the following syntax. All attributes (except image source url) are optional and can be removed.

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Re: Handling duplicates - by RoaringApps

Hmm, you raise a good point. I've just made a change so that you can use the contact page to report duplicate apps, and I'll think about implementing a more sophisticated solution in the meantime.


Re: Status criteria - by RoaringApps

There's no specific criteria at the moment other than the obvious:

  • works fine - no noticeable problems.
  • some problems - any problems with performance, appearance, etc.
  • doesn't work - fails to launch properly, or a critical bug exists.

Feel free to suggest a more refined set of criteria.


Status criteria? - by aequalitas

Is there - or should there be - a specified criteria or process for how an app is designated?

Handling duplicates - by aequalitas

Is there a way to report duplicates or expedite their removal?

Re: Handling application versions - by leiger

Thanks :)

No problem with delay, just wasn't sure if you had missed the notification e-mail.

Handling application versions - by bcammo

Leiger said:
should I update this page, or create a separate application for [STE] 3.24 ?

Ideally there should only be one entry for each application, with the latest version number recorded in the form. Compatibility issues for previous versions should be noted in the notes section.

P.S. sorry for the delayed response - my internet connection has been down for the past couple of days. Bryce.

New: Improved developer pages - by bcammo

Thanks to some great work by Wikidot, I've been able to improve the developer pages to integrate even better with the rest of the site. All of a developer's apps are now shown in beautiful grid view, and are counted automatically (rather than the app count being a select field in the data form).

Another recent improvement is the alphabetical listing of developers in the drop-down list on application pages, which makes the overall process far more user friendly.

These are small but important updates to the site which will hopefully improve the overall user experience.