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Welcome to the Hotel California - by swordzman0611

Hey Bryce,

Wondering if you've been tuned in to WWDC '13.

It looks like they're done with cats for the foreseeable future. Now Apple's headed for California landmarks.

10.9 is to be called "Mavericks", after a rather gnarly Bay Area surfing mecca. But, "Roaring Waves" or "Making Waves" would be far too obvious a title—and lame.

So how do you plan to evolve the wiki in the wake of breaking news?


roaringapps command-line utility - by markus-magnuson

Hey all,

I've written a script that looks for the user’s installed applications and fetches compatibility data for them, using as the data source.

Feel free to check it out:

I would be glad for any help with testing it in various settings, let me know how it works out for you, or if you spot any bugs or similar.


Re: Spammers in our midst - by bcammo

I've certainly noticed an increase in comment spam over the past couple of months, and have been trying my best to block offending users when I can. I've been considering allowing only registered users to post comments, but haven't yet completely committed to the idea - I want it to be as easy as is possible to ask questions and get help around here. Maybe we could force the registration just over the 'off season' to keep the spam at bay while things are otherwise quiet.

Spammers in our midst? - by swordzman0611


Seems we've got three submissions that shouldn't be here:

  • Two illegal (on my side of the pond, anyway) phone tapping apps
  • An Android device (duh!)

I wonder how their creators were able to register? I mean, some joking around is excusable, but what this is, I don't know, dont want to know, and don't want a lot of blowback if security has to be enforced to hold the integrity of real work here.

"You can't have eggs, bacon, SPAM, and sausage without the SPAM."
—Monty Python sketch

Re: The 2008 AlumiBook: standard, pro or both - by bcammo

Haha, well done. My vote would be for standard MacBook, for no particular reason.

The 2008 AlumiBook: standard, pro or both? - by swordzman0611

OK, so I'm thinking about the Late 2008 Aluminum MacBook as I'm doing a little write-up on it yesterday, and the question comes up in my head: Is this model in a class by itself? Should it be standard, as it is now, or moved over to the MacBook Pro area? I'm looking to poll a few within this space.

Case for Standard: By Machine ID, this is a MacBook square and true. It has only USB for expansion, as many MacBooks do. Although it looks professional, techies know the score: in gigabytes of RAM, their model can have eight, but this gets only four.

Case for Pro: A trackpad for many fingers lingers here from the MacBook Air. And on the white model? Sorry, but you won't find it there. The thirteen-inch Pro owes its presence to this one-of-a-kind, and with a backlit keyboard, dare I say, it's simply divine.

What say you, Roaring Apps fans? I'm making it your call to settle this, this crazed dispute, for one time and for all.

(Not a bad attempt at poetry, methinks, but a shade out of meter.)

Re: AppleTV: Clearing up a bug - by swordzman0611

Got it. Much obliged.

Re: Apple devices: expanding categoories - by swordzman0611

Sounds good. A number of models are still missing info or have incomplete data, but as for Windows, consider the following if/when applying the category:

  • Apple has excluded all '06 Macs from Win 7 (see Apple Knowledgebase article referencing Boot Camp 3.1) for no obvious reason. All models demonstrate that they meet or exceed the requirements for Win 7, though the earlier '06 Macs started off with just 512 MB RAM.The latter can't roar or pounce any way you slice it, so Apple may have been in the right making said exclusion.
  • Given the above, the Late 2006 models qualified for Lion, but not ML, Lion included Boot Camp 4.0, which doesn't apply to these models…
  • ..and thus, Boot Camp 3.0-3.2 needs to be retained; and Snow Leopard is the only source for said versions,
  • All other Macs not mentioned in the first two points are supported by Boot Camp 4 and Win 7
  • The 64-bit versions are supported on:
    • iMac: all models from Late 2009 forward
    • Mac mini: Mid-2010 forward
    • Mac Pro: Early 2008 forward
    • MacBook: Late 2009 forward
    • MacBook Air: Late 2010 forward
    • MacBook Pro (13): Mid-2009 forward
    • MacBook Pro (15/17): Early 2008 forward
    • Xserve: not listed, but assumed that 2G and 3G models would qualify
  • Windows 8: Strange beastie, this one. The only significantly-changed requirement for the new edition is that the CPU needs "NX" (No eXecute) support present and turned on. All Macs are assumed to have this. What might affect it is, again, Apple's willingness to support certain older models.
  • "The Strange Case of the '07 MBP": OK, so it's got 64-bit parts all the way through—but it only supports 32-bit Windows AND won't boot to a 64-bit OS X kernel in Lion. Huh?? 64-bit Win is somehow hackable on this model, but where would the blocking issue be in a normal setup?
Re: Apple devices: expanding categoories - by bcammo

So maybe all that's needed is an extra field to describe the device's support for Windows? Whether or not the device runs the OS in 32- or 64-bit mode can be described in the existing Notes section.

Unfortunately there's no way to automatically select N/A for older OS fields if the device shipped with a new version of the OS.

Re: AppleTV: Clearing up a bug - by bcammo

It looks like you've sorted it out with the sub-categories:

         / OS-X based
Apple TV  
         \ iOS based

I've changed around the Apple TV page to show the two sub-categories (and hidden them from the main page).
AppleTV: Clearing up a bug - by swordzman0611

I just noticed something odd re: categories, and it has messed up the categorization of the ATV, though it works for other devices. Here's the problem I'm trying to solve:

  • The FIRST GEN ATV ran off of an OS X Tiger base with Front Row. This was progressively modified up to software update 3.2, the last version to run off this base
  • The SECOND and THIRD GEN ATV units are iOS devices, though they can't yet use all iOS features. The 2G unit carried iOS 4.1 as ATV 4.0; the 3G unit started with iOS 5.1 as ATV 5.0.

That said, and having established different bases for the PVR and streaming units, then:

  • If correctly divided into their proper sub-categories, only the sub is displayed in the Device page
  • Rightly, the Apple TV category should instead open to the two sub-categories we've set up

This shouldn't adversely affect other device types, but what we COULD do is allow the user to filter along different device types.

Any workaround?

Re: Apple devices: expanding categoories - by swordzman0611

What could be…? Hmm..

I wouldn't know how to explain it, but:

  • Cleanup: Pare down/remove devices that cannot run iOS 5 nor 6, and all Macs that cannot run Lion nor Mountain Lion
  • For Macs, let's put it this way: Apple didn't want to bother making 64-bit drivers for '06-'07 Intel IGP's (950, X3100), which will disqualify them from ML, but not Lion (affected models can only boot a 32-bit kernel, but will run apps in 64-bit user space)
  • Qualifying Macs also have specific versions of Windows that Apple will support; and within these, Apple has defined also the architecture(s) that may be used. In general, models possessing a maximum of 4 GB or less will only be supported under 32-bit Windows, even if they can run ML. It was thought that the EFI ROM had something to do with this, BUT a few '07 units not qualifying for ML actually have a 64-bit ROM (verifiable under Micromat's MachineProfile tool). Apple simply blocks certain models from Win64 based on its own criteria. XP and Vista aren't supported by Apple from September '10 forward, but here, the reasons are a bit more clear: XP is getting old, and Vista was a mess to support.
  • Apple has not defined plans for Win8 yet, but you can bet a few models will be dropped with an updated Boot Camp
  • Nice to have: Models shipping with iOS 6 obviously can't run iOS 5, so the latter spinbox can be set to "N/A" to keep things nice.

The site I'm comparing to, has a hoard of information, most of which is highly geeky and not very relevant to us here. But a little history of each device should get people talking,

Re: Apple devices: expanding categoories - by bcammo

What extra information/fields would you like to see added?

Apple devices: expanding categoories? - by swordzman0611

Now that I think about it, the device section is starting to look a bit like it could be an Apple product guide, along the veins of Brock Kyle's excellent EveryMac network.

Could this wiki add a few more categories if the device is a computer, so that we cab add a few more differentiating characteristics of each unit?

OmniPlan 2.1.2 in Mountain Lion - by KenKraftNV

Has anyone tested OmniPlan 2.1.2 in Mountain Lion? Are there substantial issues or can I safely upgrade now?

AtomicView, fine with Lion - by soizic


I just discover your site, it's great.

I works with AtomicView on Lion from one year.
No problem.

Soizic (french, bad english !)

Re: View by Status - by bcammo

You can now view all apps incompatible with Mountain Lion here. The toggle link on top of the main table has been updated to point to the new page as well.

Re: View by Status - by peterwhittaker

yes, but you still have to load each page and then re-filter. Is there a way to load ALL incompatible apps on one page? Then I could scan through the list. Manually searching for the probably hundreds of apps I have is far slower.

CS3 Indesigne on mountain lion? - by Rulu10

Weiss jemand bereits wie sich CS3 Indesigne auf Mountain lion verhaltet?

Re: Vue 9.5 - by Hero Jig

Well, 9.5 works but crashes a lot. There are also a lot of display anomalies if you are using an iMac. But V10. does not seem to suffer in that way. It actually is very fast on an iMac, and if you send the renders off to another machine using Net Render, the performance is also ok. So much better than the earlier versions of this app…

Vue 9.5 / Vue 10 works on Lion 10.7.2 ? - by Dorenma

Hello Everyone.

I have this doubt since in the App Compatibility Table of Lion doesnt appear the "Vue" program. If anyone could please tell if Vue 9.5 Xtream or Vue 10 Xtream works fine and sound with OS X Lion 10.7.2 ???

The other topic that worry me a lot is if its true that Macintosh isnt suitable for demanding 3D processes ?

I dont know if this is true because like many people, we do a great effort to save and buy a mac computer for work with, thinking they are capable of such demanding works and then you find a lot of people saying that "If you want to work with 3D software without problems go and buy a powerfull Windows PC" I dont ever want to denigrate Windows with Mac it just what I said before about saving and investing for a good work tool, thats what I did and I really hope this phrase just remain like an opinion but if is not..well it will be a sad new for me.

If someone had Windows installed on a Mac could please tell me if the 3D applications installed there work fine without issues??

Just hope someone could answer me those questions, I would be very gratefull to.

Thanks for your time.

Re: Mac App page Grid view working - by feipor


Re: Mac App page Grid view working - by bcammo


I'm not entirely sure what caused the issue, but all should be back to normal now. My apologies for any inconvenience.


Re: Mac App page Grid view working - by feipor

Me too; the familiar Roaring Apps has gone and now all I get are emails! What's happpened?

Mac App page Grid view working? - by Ron Herrmann

I hope I haven' skipped a "How-to" page in the forum (or elsewhere), but I don't see any apps listed in the Mac App page, unless I switch from the default "Grid" view to "List" view.
Clicking on the various Letter or Number keys does not display any applications.
Am I overlooking something?

Thanks for any help anyone cares to offer,
Ron Herrmann

Re: Bean - by ngc4900

Thanks so much

User avatars - by Arotaritei Vlad

Why are the user avatars so small on my profile?

Thanks for any reply,

Logic 8 compatibility - by joeschisa

I see Logic pro 8 is listed as not being Lion compatible, but there are workarounds posted (I've not upgraded to Lion, but I hope they work). See, for instance,

Re: Universal App seen as Powerppc by Lion - by swordzman0611

Here's how I fixed a similar issue It has something to do with your LaunchServices plist file working its way up from Snow Leopard; this file apparently told the OS which apps had the "open using Rosetta" flag set:

1. In the Finder, click Go > Go to Folder.
2. In the box, type this path:


3. Click the Go button.
4. Locate the following:

5. Trash these files.
6. Empty your Trash.
7. Reboot

Re: Status change in view sorted by recents - by jjardoino

Very nice adding, thanks !

Re: Final Cut Pro 6 - by Michael Flutterby

Hi S,

Yes i have installed final cut 6.0.1 on lion on a new macbook pro. Lion did not want to play, so i bought a snow leopard disc and installed Rosseta ( found in the extras folder I think). This installed no problem on lion, and in turn rosseta enabled Lion to instal final cut 6. Works like a dream. So far no crashes and renders etc are all good.
regards m

Re: Status change in view sorted by recents - by bcammo


I've just added an option at the top of the table ('recently updated'), which will show both recently updated and newly created apps.


Status change in view sorted by recents - by jjardoino

I often use the start page ordered "desc" (from the more recent to the oldest) but this option puts only recently added apps at the head o f the list. I think it would be good that apps which see their status changed could be seen at the head of this list. I suppose the "more recent" would concern the adding date and the modification date. It would be a good way to have a complete "what's new" view.

Kodak Firmware for ZI8-Arcsoft & Lion ? - by macmuc

Kodak's firmware vers. 1.06 for the ZI8 pocket videocamera did work for Mac OS X 10.6.
(according to the support page of Kodak)

does this firmware also work for Lion OS X 10.7 ?

Re: Comments Count Incorrect - by bcammo

This is a Wikidot bug, so unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it.

Re: Comments Count Incorrect - by Arotaritei Vlad

The comments counter does not work properly. The counter says this page has 6 comments, but it has 8 comments.

Re: New: personal docks - by jiksaw213

great apps
i think other forums should use this kind of short cut
it looks quite professional and easy to use!

iFamily, CS5.5, Acrobat - by jaznjjj

Hi folks, When I first installed Lion and tried iFamily a few weeks ago it wouldn't work - so I decided to leave it for a while in case the application was still being updated. Tried again just now and it is still not working. I got to this forum after a google search which took me to your list of applications - and this list says it is supposed to work. Not sure what to do next.

I also downloaded the trial version of Adobe CS5.5 yesterday. I already use CS4 and wanted to see whether it was worth getting the new one. Now Acrobat can't or won't open any PDF files downloaded from the net and an enquiry of Adobe indicated that there is an incompatibility between some versions of Acrobat and Lion. This 30 day free trial interferes with my efforts to view PDF files by displaying a window which says I have 00 days left of my trial (should be 30 days). This window seems to bump my Acrobat straight to Heaven and only offers an option to PURCHASE. The Acrobat window seems to display almost subliminally fast on the screen before disappearing when the CS5.5 window pops up.

Decisions, decisions! Do I dump CS5.5? Do I dump Lion? Will patience pay off? Will these problems fix themselves or will I need the help of someone more skilful than myself?

Re: Adobe Creative Suite 3 - by Chickadee63

I'm happy to report that CS3 works just fine with Lion. When launching Illustrator, I got a popup message giving me an opportunity to download and install some Java thing that was needed, which I did. Other than that, everything's working great — faster than ever, in fact. I still think it's wise to upgrade past CS3 when funds permit, and I'll do that, but for now? What a relief!

Universal App seen as Powerppc by Lion - by lomoseb


Just to share something and ask for Help and understanding :

The application Booksmart from Blurb is compatible with Lion as an universal app.
When you read info in mac osx, it's a universal app but when i launch it : error message : powerpc app is not supported !
I contacted the Blurb support : Install it on another account of the same computer, everything will be ok on both accounts. I did it, it worked on the other account,
but not on the first one !
So i'm going nut because we share the same disk, same applications, same permissions. I searched through the both libraries delete some files.

No way : this stupid Clarence still see powerpc app on my account at launch and nowhere else.

Help before madness

Re: .app file extension - by PixelHermit

I've seen a few .pdf as well, and—as would be expected—they don't work too well either…

Re: Bean - by Whizzbizz

Yes! Very fine new user interface (I'm talking about the Lion beta), no problems so far. Like it!

Lion has sometimes problems when opening or saving from within apps, but this is not "Bean"-specific, it's a Lion issue.

(The old (alpha) version worked alright, as well.)

Bean - by ngc4900

Has anyone tried out Bean on Lion?

Re: Does Lion support Xcode3 - by Perfectionist

Instructions here:

~ Perfectionist

Re: sort by status or name - by Kalama WA

The reply probably means no sorting by developer, too ? Correct ?

MicroSoft Remote Desktop Connection - by Kalama WA

This is the location of MicroSoft Remote Desktop Connection Client …

Connexion bureau a distance

Any chance a moderator can do a link that puts the application discussion in the "MicroSoft" area ?

Re: MS OFFICE 2008 and Lion - by EthanV

I have been using Word 2008, Excel 2008 and PowerPoint 2008 for five days on Lion with many files I created on Snow Leopard and have had no problems. I have also created new files with no problem.

I don't use Microsoft Entourage.

Does Lion support Xcode3 - by remusac

I've installed Xcode 3.2 but can't find the app launcher.
The /Developer does not contain Xcode just a whole bunch of other folders.


Re: Texmakerx - by Rolandius

I'm not sure, but I do know that the author of TexMakerX changed the name to TeXstudio.

Texmakerx - by Qruze


I can see that texmaker is working with Lion, what about texmakerx??

TI Nspire - by Qruze


Did anyone try to use TI Nspire 3.0 CAS on the Lion??

Ustream Producer Pro - by rayN63

Wanting to know if anyone has had experience with Ustream's Producer Pro and it's compatibility with Lion. I see Wirecast (who put together Producer Pro for Ustream) is on the OK list here a roaring apps. But, they had an update for that with Wirecast, and I don' know if it's filtered down to Producer Pro.


Re: .app file extension - by Rolandius

Somehow, I keep finding them. Either that or I run into .icns files. Both show up as crazy question mark rectangles in the icon area. I try to fix them if I can find the proper icons though.

Re: ManyCams replacement - by Rolandius

Yes, CamTwist is supposed to be similar to ManyCam.

Re: ManyCams replacement - by BearInOz

May have answered my own question. Found Cam Twist, which is a little clunky but serves the purpose required

ManyCams replacement - by BearInOz

Does anyone know a good replacement for ManyCams that will run on Lion? Alternately does anyone know if there is an update coming out for it?

High Temperatures - by lriggi

I upgraded my MACbook Pro Saturday and notice the cooling fans running full out.
I though it was Spotlight indexing files, but after two days of operation I think it's something else.
The MAC ran fine prior to the OSX10.7 update. I didn't add or change any apps.
Weird stuff has anyone else run int to this problem?

Re: compound filter and navigation - by bcammo

I understand this is far from ideal, but again it is a limitation of our platform. Your best bet would be to add the apps you're interested in to your dock (using the 'Add to my dock' link on each app's page).


Re: status icon beside name - by bcammo

Thanks for the suggestion - I'll think about re-arranging the table. In the meantime, you can use the 'Toggle status indicators' link at the top of the table to highlight each row with the relevant colour.


Re: sort by status or name - by bcammo

Agreed. However, unfortunately due to limitations of our hosting platform (Wikidot), this is currently unavailable. As soon as they implement the required features, I'll add support for this to the table.


sort by status or name - by Hoby

It would be nice to be able to sort the listing table by status as well as name.

status icon beside name? - by Hoby

Could we have the status icons appear next to (I'm guessing to the left of would work best, layout-wise) the app names?

It'd be much less of an eyeball workout scanning for different statuses that way.

Re: Disc Cleaner Utility - by Harry2047

Thanks mate - I'll give it a try….


Re: MS OFFICE 2008 and Lion - by xlite32

I am having some difficulty with opening a .doc from MS 2008 that someone sent me from his MAC. Anyone having this issue? It is weird. It says "this file type is blocked"

compound filter and navigation - by Hoby

Is there a way that changes in the filtering could be carried across current searches, pagination, etc.?

Not having this makes scanning each page for apps that I have that, say, aren't compatible a needlessly difficult task. Right now for instance I have to click "show only incompatible", click "next", and then click "show only incompatible" again. and again.

Re: Lion on Macbook Core Duo! - by nicholfd

Lion works fine on any Core 2 Duo or later Mac. It is not specific to 32 or 64 bit. The early Mac Mini's were 32-bit only, but had Core 2 Duo CPUs. All of the beta releases worked fine in 32 bit mode, and so does the final release.

Also, you can still boot into 32 bit mode by holding the "3" & "2" on boot up, on most Mac's running Lion.

Re: MS OFFICE 2008 and Lion - by nicholfd

Entourage works fine. I use Office 2011 for Word, Excel & PowerPoint so I can't speak to how well the 2008 versions work.

The previous posters statement about the installer requiring Rosetta is not true. I did a clean Lion install and did a clean Office 2008 install. The installer worked fine for both versions 2008 & 2011.

Re: Disc Cleaner Utility - by Mike Gray

A guy in the mac dept. of microcenter turned me onto Discwarrior it's not too expensive and any time after I have screwed something up
or things get too cluttered I pop it in. It will also boot an intel2 duo core and fix stuff from there. The best money I have spent

Re: Photoshop elements 8 - by schmegs

I haven't done a lot of testing or anything on PSE 8, but I can open it, create a new document, scribble on it with various tools & apply effects, and save it without any problems. So it looks like it works for at least the basic stuff (and maybe everything else).

Is there anything specifically you want me to try in it?

Re: MS OFFICE 2008 and Lion - by TigerXtreme

I have not tried this myself, but the applications in mac: Office 2008 should technically work with Lion; however, the installer requires Rosetta, which is not supported under Lion. Even if the applications work perfectly after the upgrade to Lion, you will not be able to reinstall them.

MS OFFICE 2008 and Lion - by prezzy1234

Anyone have any difficulty using MS Office 2008, specifically Entourage and Word with Lion?


Re: Application/AppleScript to auto-mark apps as compatible - by lion_guy

Along these lines, the app SnowChecker (// did just this for Snow Leopard. Would be great if a dev could do the same here.

Re: .app file extension - by Arotaritei Vlad

I think it's a user mistake. I even don't have a mac but i know that the .app extension is for Mac OS X Applications, not for images.

Autodesk Sticher Unlimited 2009 - by rgerstl

Autodesk Sticher Unlimited 2009

Autodesk Sticher Unlimited 2009 - by rgerstl

Autodesk Sticher Unlimited 2009

Autodesk Sticher Unlimited 2009 - by rgerstl

Autodesk Sticher Unlimited 2009

Disc Cleaner Utility? - by Harry2047

Anyone know of a good Disc Cleaner Utility?

I've been using Onyx but it is incompatible with 10.7

Re: Lion on MPB Late '08 - by Fabichan

I now have installed OS X Lion and the Speed has gone up a bit i think. It feels really fast and stable, but some Apps doesn't work very well but I hope there will be Updates soon…

Photoshop elements 8 - by sdspa

Has anyone who runs Photoshop elements 8 upgraded to Lion? Does it work. I tried to discuss this with Adobe but they were no help.
I might just wait to photoshop elements 10 comes out.

Team Fortress 2 and others Source Games - by Natha1308

Is anyone knows if there's any problem with Team Fortress 2 on Lion?
Does it starts correctly, and so works correctly?

Thank's for your reply :)


rpncalculator - by Rolandius

It looks like this page is spam.

Market Samurai - by hughfraser
Just a quick post to say that Market Samurai do work in Lion.
Cannot fetch Flickr photo (id: 5937032121). The photo either does not exist, or is private
Re: Adobe CS4 - by Rolandius

The best thing to do is probably check the individual applications' pages on here. Make sure to look under the "Versions" section in the applications' pages since you are looking for the CS4 versions.

Adobe CS4 - by pukpuzzoli

I can't find if Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium 4 works fine on Lion… Can anyone help me?

Re: Lion on MPB Late '08 - by Rolandius

Still, having a newer computer would probably run Lion even better. That can get expensive though. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo, which is the minimum requirement, so I wonder if Lion will run well on it? Also, anyone that has a 3Mbps or lower Internet connection will be waiting a long time to download Lion. I wonder if it is better to just wait and get a new Mac with Lion pre-installed on it? :)

Re: Lion on MPB Late '08 - by riverat

One caveat: I had installed the build prior to the GM and it would not let me update to GM. I had to burn a copy of the GM and then install. It worked fine after that speed is much better, mail is great and Safari is much, much more stable. Back up 10.68 before installing the GM goes without saying.

Re: Faster, more useful search - by bcammo


I know this is far from ideal, but unfortunately, as you pointed out, it's the best we can do due to limitations of Wikidot. Once you've found an app, you can add it to your dock (link in sidebar) so that it is easier to find later on. Apps in your dock appear on your profile page, and there is a link to view them in the grid which shows their compatibility (the applications folder in the dock).
There's a link to your profile page in the top bar.


Re: New apps not showing up on the list - by bcammo


They will show up in the table immediately after you've added them, but they will not be visible if you are filtering by title (i.e. A-Z,0-9) because they need to be processed, which may take a couple of hours.
Thanks for using RoaringApps :)


Faster, more useful search - by 75th

I want to look up every app on my Mac. For each app, right now the process is

  • Type in the app's name
  • Look at a progress bar for several seconds
  • Click the appropriate search result
  • Look at the icon

This is a quite complicated and lengthy beyond just a few apps. I wish it could be

  • Type in the app's name
  • Wait briefly for the app's status to be fetched via AJAX, and then see a big honkin' icon, alongside a link to the full wiki page for more info.

Ideally, of course, would be a Mac app that would go through your applications and show you a list of non-compatible apps, but that may be a bit much to hope for. And of course I understand if none of this is possible due to limitations in Wikidot, which I know nothing about.

New apps not showing up on the list - by monkeybird

Hi. I just added two apps to the Lion database, but neither of them show up in the list, even after a refresh. If I search for them, I can find them. They just aren't in the list.

Does it take a while before they show up?


Re: Lion on MPB Late '08 - by Fabichan

Yeah but maybe Lion has a better performance because of full 64-bits support or something else?

Adobe CS5.5 & Lion OS - by Loui77

Just made my check of the Power Pc Apps Amongst my Apps i'm running for the adjustment to installing the new OS Lion and found quite a few of my NEW CS5.5 files are based upon this Non- intel/universal based kind, -e.g., illustrator, bridge, Flash, and Photoshop, Not to mention all the others that are going to have to be changed around like Audacity and anything related to Windows so does that mean Parallels will be up for a change in times as well?
My list includes, 24u installer, Analyse Documents, Audacity, Contact Sheets, Disk Burner, Export Flash Animations, Make Calendar, Microsoft Query, Open XML for Charts, Open XML for Excel, Python, Web Gallery for iIIustrator

You would surely think Adobe would be working along side Apple to make sure their file structures were going to be updated before releasing their new products & making sure they work along side Apples new OS! for perfect harmony for customers but, NO of course not things could never just be that easy..!

Re: Lion on MPB Late '08 - by Rolandius

Wouldn't Lion be "harder" to run than SL? As long as you have the minimum requirements, it should be okay I am guessing. :P

Re: DAZ studio 3D - by Rolandius

While you are waiting for a reply, the best thing to do is simply add the app to this site. Someone may update the page with some info you are looking for. :)

Re: View by Status - by Rolandius

Yes. Check out the upper left area of the page, and then look underneath the A-9 section. You will see "Toggle status indicators", "Only show compatible apps", and "Only show incompatible apps".

Re: Adobe Creative Suite 3 - by Rolandius

The best thing to do is probably check the individual applications' pages on here. Make sure to look under the "Versions" section in the applications' pages since you are looking for the CS3 versions.

Re: Adobe Creative Suite 3 - by kurisub

Would love to know if CS3 has any problems or not, as I haven't had the need to upgrade to CS5 yet…would like to know if I'll run into any problems or not using CS3 on Lion.

View by Status - by timaging

I am thinking that most people like me are here to find out whether or not some of their crucial apps are compliant with Lion. Is there a way to just view by status? I see there are many many pages in this list.


Re: Application - by MAMEBase

In a perfect world, I envision a utility that would do a four step compatibility check for Lion -

Step one -

Scan hard drive for applications, and return a list. This will allow the user to manually flag applications they may wist to remove/update.

Step two -

Scan applications "Get Info" information, specifically searching for applications marked as "Application (Power PC)", and flag these applications as "Incompatible" in the list created in step one.

Step three -

The remaining applications in the list are marked according to their own "Get Info" information ("Application (Intel)", "Application (Universal)", or "Application").

Step four -

The list is checked against the RoaringApps database online, and flagged accordingly ("Compatible", "Incompatible", "Some Problems", "Unknown"). In the case of an "Unknown" application, the user has the option to submit said application for review.

Now the question becomes, does such a utility exist? If so, where might one find it, and if not, is there someone much more clever than myself who could make such a utility into a reality?

DAZ studio 3D - by izoong

Does someone know if Daz software are working on lion ?
DAZ studio is free to use, if someone with Lion installed could give it a try to let the community know.

Thanx for feedback.

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