Apple TV (Original)

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Apple TV (Original)

Apple TV (Original)
Device type OS X-based
Model identifier AppleTV1,1
Release year 2007
Processor 1.0 GHz Intel Pentium M (modified)
Display N/A

Released in 2007, the original Apple TV (tv) was described as the product of a company "hobby." This box looked vaguely like the Mac mini, but was essentially a PVR with iTunes relay capability using Apple's "Front Row" UI atop a Mac OS X Tiger-derived kernel. Users could transfer purchased content from an iTunes-equipped computer to the device and play it back over a connected TV at up to 1080p resolution, or while sharing a wireless connection with compatible computers.

Initially shipping with a 40 GB hard disk, it was later upgraded to use a 160 GB hard disk and, with new software features, the re-release was dubbed "Take Two" during an Apple event in 2008.

This original iteration is the only Apple device to use its own derivative of OS X. Future versions are in fact considered iOS devices, though with a different front-end experience than an iOS portable.

*If you are unable to see the Apple logo used in text, there is either a blank character or a different logo at the same Unicode position in your operating system as the logo would appear at on a Mac.

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