MacBook 13" (Mid 2010)

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MacBook 13" (Mid 2010)

MacBook 13" (Mid 2010)
Device type MacBook
Model identifier MacBook7,1
Release year 2010
Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (P8600)
Display 13,3", LCD, 1280 × 800, with LED backlit glossy widescreen


By mid-2010, there wasn't much left to do with the MacBook save for a couple of minor upgrades and the import of a few niceties from the Pro, making this the only MacBook to completely mirror the Unibody concept in plastic and the only one to sport a multi-touch trackpad. With the Air slowly closing on the MacBook on price (the 11" model was the same US$999 as the MacBook) and surpassing its overall performance (by way of flash storage), Apple made the bold gamble to retire the MacBook line in early 2011. Thus, this seventh-generation model is the last of the original MacBook family.

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