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Preview is a simple, elegant application for viewing and working with PDF documents. You can move individual pages around or remove pages altogether, and you can combine documents with a drag and drop.

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works fine in mountain lion

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[ ]GeoffIX 22 Jul 2011 10:55

Symlinked <User>/Downloads folder crashes Preview and TextEdit.

Solution here:

Solution from link: Delete Downloads symlink. Run 10.7 TextEdit and Preview which will recreate the Downloads folder and should not crash. Quit TextEdit and Preview then re-create symlink to alternate Downloads folder. TextEdit and Preview should no longer crash.

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[ Mark Robin]Mark RobinAnonymous 25 Jul 2011 15:59

If one could even find a symlink, how would one recreate it?

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[ zioflat]zioflatAnonymous 05 Sep 2011 06:32

crashes when changing network location from the menu bar but not when changing it from the network preference pane or from the menu bar but with the preference pane as active window. Tried and reproduced on three different macs. Same issue with textedit discussed here:
No working remedy found yet.

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