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BetterTouchTool lets you define tons of gestures for your Macbook's Trackpad, your MagicMouse, and your MagicTrackpad. In addition to that it brings lots of new stuff to Mac OS like Windows 7-like window snapping, window switchers, etc.

Version 0.75
Developer Andreas Hegenberg
Status Works fine

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0.717 update is out! Go get it!

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ K]KAnonymous 27 Feb 2011 15:10

Scrolling is buggy for me. Wrecks momentum and elastic scrolling in Safari.

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SaschaSaschaAnonymous 28 Feb 2011 10:56

BTT works fine in general, some gestures overlap with new ones introduced by Lion naturally. DOWNSIDE: Inertial scrolling seems way buggy with BTT 0.6316 turned on. Maybe Andreas can fix this with the next release.

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[ Battle]BattleAnonymous 07 Mar 2011 12:01

MagicPrefs works better at this moment. Let's see if BTT updates this issue for the Lion dev.

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[ Telmo]TelmoAnonymous 18 Jun 2011 02:01

I can't assign three finger swipe right+swipe left to navigate through all apps and Finder (except Safari, where I use the default two finger swipe).

Also three finger swipe down+swipe up doesn't work when assigned to do the same as Home and End. :(

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[ Steve]SteveAnonymous 19 Jun 2011 12:17

Most of the futures work, but Window Snapping is broken. Using version 0671

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[ Pascal]PascalAnonymous 04 Jul 2011 13:15

Using a three finger swipe up or down causes third-party applications (like Word, Chrome or RDC) to crash (and yes, I've turned this gesture off in system preferences).

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[ Lion]LionAnonymous 21 Jul 2011 10:14

I need to know how things are going with BTT before I upgrade to Lion, I'm dependent on the global and in app gestures and was wondering if some people could the different gestures (two,three,four finger gestures)

I will not upgrade to Lion until I know I can make use of my gesture setup from leopard to lion, will wait a month or two till some of the issues get fixed.

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[ Brian]BrianAnonymous 22 Jul 2011 20:27

The .717 update allows three finger double tapping to look up the definitions of words, as built into the operating system's gestures when selected, and seems to run quite a bit smoother on Lion. Great step, still having issues with three finger swipe down to minimize windows to the dock (only with iTunes, while the rest of the apps seem fine). Thanks for the update!

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