Disk Alarm

Works fine in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7

Disk Alarm

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Disk Alarm provides notifications when hard drive space is low.

*"Tell me before it's too late"*

You would like to be alerted soon enough so you can move or delete files, allowing you to have again enough free space for your Mac to run smoothly?

Mac OS X tells you when your hard drive is full, but sometimes you wanna react more in advance.

Disk Alarm will let you know in advance, and will spare you a lot of time!

Version 1.2.2
Developer Pomcast.biz
Website http://diskalarm.com/
Status Works fine

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FEATURES (as of version 1.2.2):
★ Supports Mail, Mailplane & Sparrow as a Mail Client to send E-mail alerts.
★ Add as many volume/hard drive as you want. Disk Alarm tracks more than just the boot volume.
★ Add external (USB/FW/…) disks as well as Network Volumes, Time Capsule, …
★ See the total free space among your volumes. Pick the ones you want to see as a total in the menu bar.
★ Localized in 8 (!) languages! Need more? Tell us!
★ Rate & Tweet about Disk Alarm if you'd like (a.k.a. "Help us spread the love, or not").
★ Menu Bar item shows a list of volumes with the same green or red indicator bar that the main window.
★ You can as well click on the "path" either in the menu bar or in the Settings window, to open the Finder.
★ Sound Level is shown and a Warning is displayed when the sound is muted, this way avoiding you to "miss" the Alarm!

ONLY IN MAC OS X 10.7 LION (For the most part, Disk Alarm works as of 10.6.6)
★ When only the Menu Item shown, Disk Alarm doesn't show a Dock Item or Menu. They appear when you show the preferences
★ Full Screen support allows you to move Disk Alarm to it's dedicated space — with it's menu bar.

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