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A new way to enhance photos.
Add romance, depth and mood to photos using Ohanaware's Shine. With this one of a kind app, add Light Rays, Lens Flares and Tinting to a photo, making it just that little bit more magical.

✔ Superb State of the Art Light Rays Engine: Add stunning light rays to photos.
✔ Use our custom designed Lens Flares to add depth to a photo.
✔ Our awesome tint engine, makes it easy to convey a mood using colors.
✔ Custom built contrast engine, really makes an image pop.
✔ Add a light glow or Fall off (also known as vignette) to finish the image.
✔ Beautiful new Retina focused interface with Full Screen support.
✔ Turbo charged with multi-processor and graphics card support.
✔ Dynamic Processing, enabling near instant updates while adjusting the image, even on older hardware.
✔ Share enhanced photos easily via built-in support for Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, e-mail.
✔ Add your photos into iPhoto & Aperture, and other applications.
✔ Non-destructive photo editing, go back and make changes when ever you like (only available when saving as Shine Document).
✔ Auto Saving & Auto Restoring.
✔ Undo & Redo are saved and restored.
✔ Version History, browse through previously saved versions.
✔ Built for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion & 10.6 Snow Leopard.
✔ A genuine Mac built application, made by Mac users.

Version 1.0
Developer Ohanaware
Status Works fine

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