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With the help of YourtTrip, you'll find making an itinerary plan has never been so easy and funny. YourtTrip is a program that committed to satisfy you with the easy trip planning and the precious memory. You'll find your trip plan is done imperceptibly according to which YourtTrip has been prepared for you. With the powerful share function, the itinerary plan could be discussed through sending it to the blog or write message by e-mail.
It's really fit for forming a good habit to travel.


:: Powerful share function that is to share the trip plans with others before you start the trip or back from the trip. Via blog and email, or print them out as PDF files.
:: Flexible printing to guide you the itinerary
:: Itinerary plan together with map search function
:: Clever packing list
:: Smart budget function give you an efficient trip
:: Clear classification system
:: Movable Time line Bar to collect all the trips
:: Elegance photo management

What's new in YourtTrip1.2.4:
Add type feature and attachment feature for Itinerary’s event.
Add trip cover editor.
Improved date editor.
New packing mode.
UI improvements.

Bug Fixed:
Fixed the crash issue when running YourtTrip without internet access.
Fixed the flag’s direction issue.
Fixed the stretch issue of photos.
Fixed issues on Mac OS X 10.6.
Several other bugs fixed.

Version 1.2.4
Status Works fine

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