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[ Drew]DrewAnonymous 15 Aug 2012 19:37

This is the first app I've noticed not to have built in retina support. They should use vector font or OS X's API or at least update their own font for the retina display. It looks like garbage.

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SteckInsightsSteckInsightsAnonymous 03 Dec 2012 18:43

Hey Drew,

I brought this up with the developer, who responded genuinely and humbly, that the main deterrent to developing a retina display-friendly app was the lack of hardware to test on.

With FileZilla being freeware, I can understand and offer sympathy to them, as I'm thankful for the excellent software in the first place.

I'd offer to develop for them if I knew the first thing about software development. Let's hope that someone can come up with a solution.

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