Zimbra Desktop

Doesn't work in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7

Zimbra Desktop

Supports iCloud

Secured by Gatekeeper

Supports retina graphics

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Available on the Mac App Store
Not available on the Mac App Store

The free Zimbra Desktop client allows you to meld the online and offline worlds – storing and synching your email, calendar, contacts, files and documents in the cloud, yet having them locally accessible when on the road. Zimbra Desktop aggregates information across accounts (Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and social networks (Facebook, Digg, Twitter, etc.) to help make communicating & sharing information easier than ever.

Version 7.2.1
Developer VMware
Website http://www.zimbra.com/products/desktop_support.html
Status Doesn't work

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What platforms do Zimbra Desktop support?
Zimbra Desktop can run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X Leopard (Intel), Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and a variety of Linux (i686) flavors including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Suse, etc.

On ML, it hangs during launch. The log file shows that the embedded Jetty requires 32-bit JVM. I hacked it a bit to remove the "-d32" JVM arg, but it (not surprisingly) doesn't work.

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