Works fine in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7


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CrossOver allows you to install many popular Windows applications and games on Mac OS X. CrossOver includes an easy to use, single click interface, which makes installing Windows software simple and fast. Once installed, your application integrates seamlessly in OS X. Just click and run your application directly from the OS X Finder. Clicking a Windows file or document - including email attachments - will launch the appropriate Windows program, allowing you to work on the files. Best of all, you do it all easily and affordably, without needing a Microsoft operating system license.

Version 11.2
Developer CodeWeavers
Status Works fine

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ ]Anonymous 19 Jun 2011 13:48

On my lion dp4 don't work

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[ Brendan]Brendanbrendanleo 08 Jul 2011 07:52

Seems to work normally for me in the GM.

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[ Snider]SniderAnonymous 11 Jul 2011 19:15

10.0.3 crashes on startup for me in Lion GM

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[ Ron]RonAnonymous 11 Jul 2011 23:34

Will Crossover, version 9.0.1 work with Lion

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[ Sean]SeanAnonymous 13 Jul 2011 10:07

Crossover 10 does not work with GM, however wineskin winery does.

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rivarivaAnonymous 19 Jul 2011 08:07

Ver 10.1 work fine with 10.7
Tested myself this morning, it works fast and flawless like never before

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[ david]davidAnonymous 27 Jul 2011 09:06

cleaaarly doesn't work…

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[ b]bAnonymous 06 Aug 2011 22:58

10.1.1 works fine

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[ Michael Wenyon]Michael WenyonAnonymous 08 Sep 2011 08:36

Use Crossover to run (old) Windows versions of PowerPC-only Mac programs.

See application 'EZColor' for description of how I used Crossover to run the Windows version of a program now only available on Mac in PowerPC form. In otherwords, even though the PowerPC version may not run in Lion, the Windows version does appear that it will run on a Mac with Lion, via Crossover.

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