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MiJournal strikes a balance between a rich feature set and a clean, simple interface. We thought long and hard to develop a calendar based diary app that has all the features you need and want - and none of the clutter that you do not want. MiJournal has features that are important to you: Encryption - you can encrypt all of your entries. Password protection - you can password protect the entire app. Plus, your stored password is encrypted. You can sync your MiJournal entries amongst several mac computers - simply by relocating the database to your dropbox. MiJournal has very fast search. You can search through decades worth of journal entries in a few seconds. Finally, MiJournal allows you to import from other journal formats.

Version 1.2.1
Developer GOTOES
Website http://gotoes.org/sales/Journal_App_Mac/
Status Works fine

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Features of Latest Release:

*Added iCloud support so you can migrate your MiJournal database to the cloud and sync your database on all your Macintosh Computers.
*Updated jump to date buttons so they default to current month and year.
*New Code Signing for ease of installation on Mountain Lion and later.
*Fixed Bug where background color would not be displayed properly.
*Removed superflous dialog when importing certain file formats.
*Resizing of images now triggers unsaved changes (for autosave).

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