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ProCSSor is the all-in-one CSS prettifier and minifier for web designers.

ProCSSor formats your CSS in an elegant and readable way. Instead of pouring over an unformulated CSS file, let ProCSSor turn it into a readable document. It automatically indents, spaces, and styles your CSS according to your specifications. ProCSSor also compresses your CSS for production and quickly lets you prettify when you're ready to code, so you'll never have to keep separate copies for development and production.

ProCSSor also lets you create droplets. With droplets, ProCSSor becomes a natural part of your workflow. Simply drop your CSS files on to your custom made droplet and have your files instantly formatted for editing or compressed for production. Droplets work great from the command line too, so you never have to leave your keyboard for beautifully formatted CSS.

Version 1.0
Developer i4ideas
Status Unknown

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