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DiskWarrior was the Essential Mac Disk Utility but it is only minimally compatible with Lion and cannot repair system disks.

Version 4.4
Developer Alsoft
Website http://alsoft.com/diskwarrior
Status Works fine

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DiskWarrior 4.4 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion).

You can also run the software from Mac OS X 10.7.x (Lion).

Some reported that DiskWarrior v4.4 DVD is able to boot and rebuild Lion System Volumes but the v4.4 application crashes under OS X 10.7.2 when run as /Applications/Utilities/DiskWarrior.app standalone application. Flushing the cache with Lion Cache Cleaner (v6.0.5 or later) and zapping the PRAM (powering on while holding the Command-Option-P-R and waiting past the 3rd chime) fixed the OS X 10.7.2 problem for some people.

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[ Alobar]AlobarAnonymous 09 Jul 2011 03:50

Is it possible that this report that DiskWarrior 4.03 "works fine" was really meant to be about the most recent version — 4.3?

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[ jay]jayAnonymous 22 Jul 2011 13:22

Works only when launched from an external HD.

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[ Landon Noll]Landon NollLandon Curt Noll 01 Oct 2011 19:34

When run as an App under OS X 10.7.1, the app crashes soon after one authenticates as the administrator.

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[ Dave Ingal]Dave IngalAnonymous 01 Oct 2011 20:25


I tried using DiskWarrior v4.2 Rev 1102 on OS X 10.7.1. I can confirm that DiskWarrior crashes soon after you authenticate with your administrator password. Worse still, if you boot from the DiskWarrior DVD it will refuse to rebuild your internal system volume (or a cloned external copy of your system drive) with the error message:

"The directory of the disk "My Mac" cannot be built.

This disk appears to have a newer version of the Mac OS disk format than this version of DiskWarrior. An attempt to rebuild the directory could result in loss of data. Please contact Alsoft technical department, the technical support e-mail address is: moc.tfoslA|troppus.hcet#moc.tfoslA|troppus.hcet."

This web entry had marked DiskWarrior with a Lion status of: "some problems". Given that DiskWarrior under 10.7.1 crashes every time when run as an app and cannot rebuild a Lion system volume, I changed the Lion compatibility status to "doesn't work".

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[ Dave Ingal]Dave IngalAnonymous 01 Oct 2011 20:29

oops … in the above I should have started with:


I tried using DiskWarrior v4.3 Rev 1102 on OS X 10.7.1. …

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[ Landon Curt Noll]Landon Curt NollLandon Curt Noll 01 Oct 2011 20:36

We can verify Dave Ingal's (corrected) remark above. In particular when booting from the DiskWarrior DVD, it does give that error message about "newer version of the Mac OS disk format than this version of DiskWarrior". We did not attempt to override the warning to see if it would actually work.

When booting from the DiskWarrior DVD, you can rebuild non-system volumes that were created under Snow Leopard.

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[ izzy]izzyAnonymous 06 Oct 2011 11:10

doesn't work on lion…

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[ bushy]bushyAnonymous 09 Oct 2011 11:35

DiskWarrior 4 version 4.3 is completely compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
as stated on their web site 09.11.11

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[ ]Landon Curt Noll 23 Oct 2011 06:36

Responding to bushy,

While the support web page says "DiskWarrior 4 version is Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion", the remark on their web site 09.11.11 is somewhere between misleading and wrong. Moreover, their web site (as of 2011 Oct 22) does NOT use the phrase "completely compatible" with respect to v4.3 and Lion although the "System Requirements" web page for v4.4 does use the phrase "completely compatible" (more on that in a bit).

Multiple people reported (including myself) that v4.3 cannot rebuild a system volume for a system running OS X 10.7.1 with Apple Software updates applied. Where their web site might be "technically correct" is that some OS X 10.7 (and pre OS X 10.7.1) system volumes, where no Apple Software Updates have been applied, could be rebuilt.


DiskWarrior 4 version 4.4 is compatible with Lion in that a DVD produced by their upgrade process is bootable and can rebuild a system volume for OS X 10.7 up thru and including OS X 10.7.2 with the Apple Software Updates as of 2011 Oct 22. Because of this, I changed the status for this app from "doesn't work" to "some problems".

The reason why I did not change the status to "works fine" is that when the DiskWarrior application is copied from that v4.4 DVD into /Applications/Utilities/DiskWarrior.app and run as an application on OS X 10.7.1, or OS X 10.7.2 or even OS X 10.6.8, the DiskWarrior application crashes soon after you enter the admin's password. So if you boot from there DVD, everything appears to work fine. If you try to run DiskWarrior as a standalone application in the location where they say you must install it, it crashes after authenticating.

BTW: The standalone application crashes ALSO occur on freshly installed Lion OS X 10.7.1 and 10.7.2 with only the Apple Software Updates applied. Moreover, the standalone application also crashes when the systems are booted into safe mode.

DiskWarrior v4.4 DVD is a step forward in that it can rebuild Lion systems volumes to date (2011 Oct 22). Unfortunately, as a standalone application /Applications/Utilities/DiskWarrior.app is a regression in that it now crashes under both Lion and Snow Leopard.

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[ Directorjohnny]DirectorjohnnyAnonymous 24 Oct 2011 05:10

24th October. Just ran 4.4 as a standalone app from utilities without any problems.
Rebuilt directories on two 10.7.2 volumes. One a clean install on an external drive, the other my main internal.

All fine.

Don't know what's up with yours Curt Noll.

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[ ]Landon Curt Noll 25 Oct 2011 09:30


I Just ran the very latest update of Lion Cache Cleaner (v6.0.5) and performed a Deep Cleaning of Local, System and All Users Caches. Rebooted. I then zapped the PRAM (powered on while holding down the Command-Option-P-R until after the 3rd chime).

After all of the above I was finally able to run DiskWarrior v4.4 as a standalone App under Lion OS X 10.7.2 (with the latest Apple Software Updates) and rebuild Lion system volumes. Very odd .. but at least the v4.4 standalone version of the App appears to be working now.

Izzy and Dave Ingal might want to try the above procedure with v4.4.

However the same process did not fix the v4.4 standalone version crashing under OS X 10.6.8 … but then again that is not Lion so it is not a "Lion compatibility issue" :-) :-( :-) For what it is worth, the standalone app for Disk Warrior v4.3 works fine under OS X 10.6.8.

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