My First Tools 2 Paint

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My First Tools 2 Paint

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My First Tools 2 Paint it is not just another paint app. It is an integrated learning environment that allows children to explore many different situations, confidently, autonomously and creatively, presenting results and working their motor skills.

Available in English and Portuguese.

- Drawing/painting thought different guided activities;
- Sequences, patterns and symmetries;
- Text and drawing with stamps;
- Combine printing and manual work, like gluing and cut;
- Sending drawings by email, without any email/password configuration;
- Printing activities;
- Settings to customize the environment to the user's needs.

My First Tools 2 Paint is a tool that facilitates multi-disciplinary training of essential skills that can be worked at home, in the classroom and spare time activities.

This product has been evaluated and recommended by the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

Version 1.0.0
Developer Cnotinfor
Status Unknown

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