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Works fine in 10.7


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HyperDock adds long awaited features to your Dock: Select individual application windows & tabs just by moving the mouse on a dock item, use mouse clicks to quickly open new windows, and many more.

Version 1.3
Developer Christian Baumgart
Website http://hyperdock.bahoom.com/
Status Works fine

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Available on Developer website and App Store.

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[ Lungtas]LungtasLungtas 31 Jul 2012 09:32

Hyper Dock update for Mountain Lion is not in the MacAppStore .

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ ]leiger 17 Jan 2011 03:10

Hmm… so Mac OS X does not include window previews by default?

When I can buy a Mac1 I'll have to install this as well then ;-)

This compatibility list has a dual purpose - listing application compatibility, as well as show casing the range of applications available for Mac.

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[ ]bcammo 17 Jan 2011 03:43

HyperDock basically adds a lot of the cool features from Windows 7 (and more).

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[ LaRonn]LaRonnAnonymous 05 Mar 2011 17:57

It works a bit it just crashes every few minutes

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[ Hussein]HusseinAnonymous 12 Mar 2011 07:07

Works mostly fine for me. I've had to disable and enable it once to get it going, but otherwise, fairly normal.

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[ ]leiger 28 Apr 2011 07:13

For a Windows user, Macs suck.

Install HyperDock, and suddenly you've got everything you need!

Right-click via settings, HyperDock for Windows Snap and window previews. Yay!

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[ ]leiger 13 May 2011 13:43

HyperDock (dev release)

  • Lion compatibility (stabilty, spaces handling, fullscreen apps, autologin)
  • Fix: Don't show "Activity View" fake window on newer XCode versions
  • Fix: Previews showed up on the wrong display on some multi monitor arrangements
  • Fix window management for Sparrow
  • Enabled some (incomplete) translations
  • Minor fixes

Has anyone tried this version, and do the reported problems still occur? 1.0.3 is mentioned above - this is the stable version. Whereas is the latest dev ("unstable") release.

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[ ]leiger 15 May 2011 10:37

Care to explain your edit Rolandius?

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[ Rolandius]RolandiusRolandius 03 Jul 2011 06:41

I just saw your comment leiger. Which edit was it?

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[ Rodrigo Sarzosa]Rodrigo SarzosaAnonymous 02 Aug 2011 00:30

The Hyperdock available on the Mac App Store has a bug where the "look up" Trackpad Gesture doesnt work…. that's a big bummer IMO

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[ zahed]zahedAnonymous 02 Aug 2011 20:35

don't work fine,i must enable and disable after any shutdown and restart my macbook because program windows preview don't work in snowloapared don't have same problame but in lion don't work true

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