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Updated October 11, 2011

Apple released their new Lion operating system at almost the same time that we released the latest version of ProSelect 2011r2.

Since the release of both programs, we have installed OSX Lion on a MacBook Pro but have only done limited testing of ProSelect 2011r2 on this new operating system. We have not yet encountered any obvious operational issues.

One aspect of Lion is that direct access to the Library Folder is now hidden by default. ProSelect keeps it Preferences, Price & Templates Data and, by default, its ProSelect Resources folder within this folder area (in the Preferences and the Application Support subfolders). In versions of ProSelect prior ro 2011r2 the ProSelect Reources folder needed to be commonly accessed, however ProSelect 2011r2 now supports the ability to add and remove most items from this folder from within the program.

If you need direct acces to the Library folder on Lion, you can open the it by selecting Library under the Finder's Go menu while holding down the Alt/Option Key.

We are aware that a number of our users are now also running ProSelect on Lion and should any compatibilty issues arise that require updates to ProSelect, we will release these as updates to ProSelect 2011r2 or the current version of ProSelect at the time (whichever is the latter).

If you decide to upgrade to Lion and encounter any issues running ProSelect, then please let us know by Submitting a Ticket (under the Support Menu) on the TimeExposure web site.

We will update this article with further information as required.

Click Position Error on second monitor (added October 11, 2011)

We have just encountered a Lion bug that can effect some applications, including ProSelect, when running the program on a second monitor (or projector).

If you have the second monitor set to be located on the left side of your main screen (the one with the menu bar on it), then the returned x position is one pixel out from the mouse down position.

This can make the program think that you have started dragging your mouse and wish to move the clicked item rather than just selecting it. The result is that in some situations such as Working with Rooms, clicking on an item in a room to select it will move its position one pixel each time you click!

This appears to be a Apple bug which has been reported. Hopefully it will be fixed soon in one of their updates.

In the meantime if you are encountering this a problem, your options are to Open System Preferences and in the Displays -> Arrangements tab either

1. Drag the menu bar to the left-most screen, or

2. Drag the second screen so it is located to the right of your main screen.

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