Phone Valet 6.0.5

Works fine in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7

Phone Valet 6.0.5

Supports iCloud

Secured by Gatekeeper

Supports retina graphics

Phone Valet 6.0.5 icon

Available on the Mac App Store
Not available on the Mac App Store

PARLIANT OFFERS NO SUPPORT as product has been discontinued. Product remains compatible with OS X Lion and Mountain Lion.

Version 6.0.5
Developer Parliant
Status Works fine

0 ratings

Works on Lion and Mountain Lion as long as you have the latest version of Open Base installed (12.0.4) and a valid PhoneValet Open Base license (OBEMBPARLIANT-648)

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[ Dave]DaveAnonymous 31 Jul 2012 19:47

Phone valet still works as well as ever on mountain lion 10.8 no problems what so ever

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[ ]2stepbay 16 Sep 2012 18:46

As long as OpenBase is running its latest version (12.0.4) and you have a valid PhoneValet Open Base license, then Phone Valet works on Mountain Lion.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ kb]kbAnonymous 06 Aug 2011 21:09

Works fine with recent update.

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