The Unarchiver

Works fine in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7

The Unarchiver

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The Unarchiver is a small and easy to use program that can unarchive many different kinds of archive files. It will open common formats such as Zip, RAR, 7-zip, Tar, Gzip and Bzip2. It will also open many older formats, such as StuffIt, DiskDoubler, LZH, ARJ and ARC. It will even open other kinds of files, like ISO and BIN disc images, some Windows .EXE installers. The list is actually much longer – see the program homepage for the full list.

Version 2.7.1
Developer Open Source
Status Works fine

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Works normally. Needed to reboot the system once to bring it back to life, however.

Also, note that as of July 23, the version in the Mac App Store is 2.7, not 2.7.1.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

87racer87racerAnonymous 06 Mar 2011 00:11

have not had any issues and use this daily

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[ ]capz 08 Mar 2011 22:59

had some issues, would not unpack some passworded .7z files which would unpack on 10.6 just fine

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PeterPeterAnonymous 22 Jul 2011 11:34

I couldn't get it to associate with .zip automatically. Lion insisted opening them with its own archive tool until I manually defined it to open all zip archives

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