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Google SketchUp is an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program that enables you to explore the world in 3D. With just a few simple tools, you can create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects – even space ships. And once you've built your models, you can place them in Google Earth, post them to the 3D Warehouse, or print hard copies.

Version 8.0.4810
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SketchUp/OSX Lion Known Google SketchUp Lion Issues

1. SU hangs when generating scene thumbnails for models with background images.

When generating scene thumbnails for models with background images (i.e. those with Match Photo scenes), SketchUp can hang or crash.

Workaround: keep the Scenes dialog closed when working with models with background images..

2. Scene is no longer synced in model when clicking on the scene tab.

When clicking on the current scene tab, SketchUp will not sync to the current scene. For example, if, on Scene 1, you orbit and then click on the Scene 1 tab, the camera position will no longer be re-set to the original Scene 1 camera.

Workarounds: 1. Click on a different scene tab and click back on your current scene tab to re-sync the scene or 2. Open the Scenes dialog and double click on the current Scene thumbnail to re-sync the scene (warning: due to issue #1, avoid this workaround if you have a model with a Match Photo scene).

3. Unable to login to the 3dwh.

When trying to login to the 3dwh/GAIA from within SketchUp, you see the message “Service not available. Try again later”.

Workaround: you can still login to the 3dwh outside of SketchUp by going directly to the 3dwh site: . From there, it is possible to then upload kmz files which means you need to export your SketchUp model to the kmz format before uploading.

4. Some of the photo texture pins are no longer visible.

When selecting a region using the “Photo Textures” dialog, only one pin is visible which makes it hard to accurately grab a photo texture. You can still grab photo textures - it is just that grabbing the exact region you want is now more difficult as you can’t see all the pins.

Workaround: by left clicking on the photo region and moving the mouse, you can somewhat manipulate the region you want to capture.

NOTE: this was not a Lion issue. It was first noticed on Lion but it's a Safari 5.1 / webkit issue. It has been fixed server side. If you're still seeing issues, please report to Google.

5. Mouse scroll direction is now flipped.

With the new Lion OSX, there is a new Mouse option (“Move content in the direction of finger movement when scrolling or navigating”) which is checked by default. When this option is checked, scrolling forward with the mouse wheel causes the SU model to zoom out and scrolling backwards causes the model to zoom in.

Workaround: in Lion, go to System Preferences > Mouse and uncheck “Move content in the direction of finger movement when scrolling or navigating”. Note: in a future release, unchecking this option should no longer be necessary.

6. Stacked Snappy dialogs break apart after a resize

Stacked Snappy dialogs can now break apart after resizing one of the dialogs in the stack.

Workaround: re-snap the dialogs together if they break apart after a resize.

7. Models are now visible behind the Welcome dialog on startup and are remembered from session to session..

With Lion, SketchUp now remembers whatever models you had open in a previous SketchUp session and, on re-launch, opens those same models. This means that models can now show up behind the Welcome dialog, which is a change of behavior. It may also mean that SketchUp can take longer to launch and may potentially re-open a problem model from a previous session.

Workaround: close your models prior to exiting SketchUp if you do not like this behavior.

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[ Warren Rempel]Warren RempelAnonymous 02 Apr 2012 16:50

Te following webpage discussed the fixes Google has made regarding some of the issues described above.

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[ Juan]JuanAnonymous 02 Sep 2011 01:54

The issues make IMPOSSIBLE to work and print an image whith materials?

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