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DesktopLyrics is an application that displays the lyrics of the song currently playing in "iTunes" right on your desktop. The lyrics for the song have to be set in iTunes, DesktopLyrics does nothing to fetch lyrics if they aren't available in iTunes.

Version 1.3.4
Developer A. Julian Mayer
Status Unknown

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can't use "next button" & "back button"

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[ lion]lionAnonymous 29 Jul 2011 10:53

can't use "next" and "back" buttons

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[ Julian88]Julian88Julian88 31 Aug 2011 02:52

When it's running in Lion 10.7.1 it makes my arrow keys seriously malfunction! Left, Right and Up do not work, only Down works. This is equally true in text documents and in the menus, folders and files lists. The function of arrow keys is essentially destroyed when DesktopLyrics is running! This problem with arrow keys drove me crazy until I finally located the culprit. There was nothing I could find on the internet that provided information about this problem with DesktopLyrics. When you realize how frequently one typically uses the arrow keys, you can appreciate how frustrating it is before you finally localize the issue. No Apple Genius or AppleCare expert had even a clue about this issue, so I'm posting it now so that maybe some else will be saved the frustration of not knowing what is causing their arrow keys to be a problem and not work properly.

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