Some problems in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7


Supports iCloud

Secured by Gatekeeper

Supports retina graphics

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Sparrow is a minimalist mail application designed to keep things simple and efficient.

Random annoying crashes on 10.8 for me.

Version 1.6.3
Developer Dominique Leca
Status Some problems

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Reading messages in the main app does not clear the notifications in Notification Center (as it does in

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[ Lucas Cimino]Lucas CiminoAnonymous 09 Jul 2012 05:25

Please add support for Retina Display!!!!!!!!!

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[ phive]phiveAnonymous 26 Jul 2012 02:18

@Lucas Cimino: Retina display & 10.8 support were added in version 1.6.2, released on July 2nd. Might want to check to make sure you have 1.6.2 installed.

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[ Shane Keller]Shane KellerAnonymous 26 Jul 2012 02:48

Nope, Sparrow having some issues with 10.8 Mountain Lion.

- Random emails not showing up
- Some conversations not working


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[ Ross]RossAnonymous 31 Jul 2012 13:12

Sparrow sometimes doesn't load on startup in my Mountain Lion when the 'reopen apps on restart' box is checked. Also resizes the window by itself after a restart to leave a gap at the bottom of the screen (after green maximise box was clicked, doc is on the left).

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MikeintoshMikeintoshAnonymous 26 Aug 2012 00:01

I have noticed a high CPU usage with OS X 10.8.1, 25 to 75 percent. MacBook’s Pro fan keeps running with Sparrow active.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ ]leiger 14 Jan 2011 07:08

Oh wow. Yet another reason to want a Mac.

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[ Hussein]HusseinAnonymous 12 Mar 2011 07:06

Currently, it's incompatible. There's a bug that cause draft message to delete themselves as you type. You can read and check mail but not write effectively.

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[ Hussein]HusseinAnonymous 06 May 2011 01:28

Changes to Lion have made it usable again, but all the behavior is not predictable.

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[ MIchael Crumpler]MIchael CrumplerRockerode 06 May 2011 13:53

My version of sparrow still works, but sadly on the right side it constantly shows the scrollbar instead of removing it. It has the little indent that is for the scrollbar area even when I have scrolling on auto-hide.

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[ ]macbitz 04 Aug 2011 08:51

I have a problem in that if I leave the Sparrow (1.3.1) window open for a time, the close gadget becomes non-functional. You have to move the window by dragging it somewhere before it becomes active again.

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