Batch Image Resizer

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Batch Image Resizer

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Have you ever needed to resize a batch of pictures on your mac? You can resize them on-at-a-time with iPhoto or Preview… but now there is an easy way to resize multiple pictures at once! With our Batch Image Resize program, you can resize your pictures to make them bigger, or smaller. You can specify a fixed width - so your photos all have the exact same width… or you can specify a fixed height so your pictures all have the same height. You can even scale your images by a percentage.

Rotating several pictures
Now, rotating a batch of photos is facile. To rotate a group of pictures, simply drag them onto the program icon. You can choose to rotate your images clockwise, counter-clockwise, or even rotate to an arbitrary angle. You can even flip pictures so that they become an mirror image of the previous phot.

Saving Pictures
Our software lets you save-over the images, or create copies - just in case - so you don't accidentally overwrite your precious picture files. You can even elect to save the pictures with an icon preview - that way, you can see all of your pictures in a folder - without having to open each one one-by-one.

Version 1.5.6
Developer GOTOES
Status Works fine

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If you have ever been faced with the task of resizing multiple photos - say for your web page, then this program is for you. Many people will take high-quality photos with their camera - and want to publish their pictures to the web. Transferring pictures requires bandwidth and storage space. By re-sizing your photos before you upload, you can save significant time and space. Our Batch Image Resize software allows you to do just that - resize, rotate, and otherwise manipulate your images.

Features of the Batch Image Resize software:
You can resize several pictures using a number of options - you can set a fixed width (so all your photos have the exact same width), fixed height, or you can scale your picture up (or down) by a percentage.
You can rotate a batch of pictures to preset angles, or to an arbitrary angle that you choose. A batch of pictures can also be flipped or inverted.
You can add a transparent border to a batch of images
You can save over the existing images, or you can save a copy of your resized pictures in a new location. You have the option of adding a prefix or suffix to the new picture name
New For Version 1.2 - Ability to resize pages from PDF files! Currently, you can only process the first page - an effective way to extract the first page of a PDF as an image in batch mode processing.
Screen Shots

The application allows you to resize a batch of pictures to your specifications.

The program allows you to rotate multiple photos to any angle.

This software allows you to add a transparent border to several images at once.

This software allows you to add an icon preview to a batch of pictures.

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