Batch File Rename

Works fine in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7

Batch File Rename

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The Batch File Rename is a program that enables you to rename multipe files quickly on the Macintosh. It is the least expensive program of it's type on the web. Simply drag and drop several files or folders onto the program icon, and the program will prompt you with several rename options. This program is designed for Mac OS X - and it has all of the features of the more expensive programs - plus an UNDO feature! This software is especially useful for renaming long lists of files - like renaming mp3 files. It is also useful for renaming photos / pictures / images and renaming music files you purchased from iTunes

You can try this program for free by downloading the Batch File Rename Free Trial Version (see link on the left). The free file renaming app will allow you to rename 3 files at a time, and can be used an unlimited number of times. It is designed to give you and idea of how the multiple file renaming tool works on your system, and to give you a feel for droplet renaming to see if you like it. If you need to rename multiple files, we encourage you to purchase the registered version.

Version 2.4.2
Developer GOTOES
Status Works fine

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Now when the user attempts to rename files by trimming characters from the end of a filename, they are given the option to trim off the file extension, or to trim the characters that come before the extension.

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