Juniper Network Connect

Works fine in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7

Juniper Network Connect

Supports iCloud

Secured by Gatekeeper

Supports retina graphics

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Available on the Mac App Store
Not available on the Mac App Store

SSL VPN Software

Version 7.1.0 (19757)
Developer Juniper
Status Works fine

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i know this marked as working. but since the upgrade to lion mine has not worked.

6.5.0 (15991) works fine.

6.5.0 (14951) works fine in 10.8

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[ amit bhagia]amit bhagiaAnonymous 16 Jun 2012 00:15

juniper network connect doesnt work on 10.8

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[ James]JamesAnonymous 26 Jun 2012 01:58

How do you remove the same host checker? There is no clear info concerning how to do this.

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[ Kent Dorfman]Kent DorfmanAnonymous 26 Jul 2012 08:08

I just updated to Mountain Lion last night. After completion, the first thing I checked was Juniper Network Connect 7.1.7 (20581). It worked flawlessly in fact it displayed on the screen better than it did on Lion.

If you wish to use the version I use then Google "UCSF Juniper Network Connect".

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Andrew ThekenAndrew ThekenAnonymous 26 Jul 2012 13:33

On my machine, Java was no longer available as a plugin. Open your VPN site in safari ( and then login, the next step in Safari will (probably) show that you have a missing plugin, click it, and it should start the install of Java, then things worked for me.

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[ Dre]DreAnonymous 12 Aug 2012 17:15

Mine Works fine but when it times out it reboots the computer when i upgraded to 10.8

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[ Kent Dorfman]Kent DorfmanAnonymous 21 Oct 2012 08:59

Do not update Java with 2012-006. Once I did, Network Connect would no longer work. I ended up reverting back to the pervious version and it runs fine now.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ Juan]JuanAnonymous 21 Jul 2011 11:13

Version 6.1is not able to connect. Is I try to use version 6.5, it downgrades automatically to version 6.1 (it is the one useb by the server).

I had many problems with this on snow leopard (continous disconections while moving big files) … but now it does not even connect.

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[ Simon]SimonAnonymous 11 Aug 2011 07:13

7.1.0 was working for me on Lion for a couple of weeks but it stopped forming a connection a couple of days ago. The app runs, accepts my username & password but then hangs without making the connection.

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[ Erik]ErikAnonymous 22 Aug 2011 17:02

I'm using 7.0 without issue (even as we speak).

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[ JS]JSAnonymous 14 Oct 2011 06:29

6.5.0 (15991) works fine for me. Seems to run reliably and stay connected.

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[ Dave]DaveAnonymous 08 Dec 2011 01:05

I am experiencing the same issue as Simon. Seems that I can totally uninstall NC 7.1.0, clear my Safari cache, then reinstall and it will work from the browser installation method. Then once I disconnect, I again have issue connecting. Stalls then comes back to the login screen.

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[ Begetter]BegetterAnonymous 18 Dec 2011 23:56

@Simon, you must remove the Juniper host checker

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iuytyyiuytyyAnonymous 28 Dec 2011 12:59


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