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Reeder is a Google RSS reader, originally for iPhone, now available for the Mac.

Version 1.1.7
Developer Silvio Rizzi
Status Works fine

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1.1.7 seems to work fine.
1.1.5 updates resolve all bugs.

Generally the app works well with the latest update (1.1).
The swipe gestures are still due to be fixed along with some other bugs in the upcoming 1.1.1 update.

1.1.6 Solves Crashing on Mountain Lion

Doesn't work in Mountain Lion DP 2

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[ Michael]MichaelAnonymous 17 Mar 2012 15:34

Not working on 10.8 Dev Preview 2. Crashes on launch.

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[ Mountain Lion 10.8]Mountain Lion 10.8Anonymous 18 Mar 2012 10:49

Reeder 1.1.5 crashes on Mountain Lion DP 2.

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[ Rick M]Rick MAnonymous 28 Mar 2012 16:02

1.1.6 Solves the startup crash on Mountain Lion. Works great now.

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[ Jorge]JorgeAnonymous 26 Jul 2012 20:00

Not working on Mountain Lion, first restarts and after reseting, doesn't show anything, in fullscreen mode, is a mess

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[ Samy]SamyAnonymous 28 Jul 2012 07:06

Facing the same issue with Mountain Lion, refuses to open crashes everytime.

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[ Kasper]KasperAnonymous 06 Aug 2012 14:18

Can't open Reeder in Mountain Lion. Crashes at startup every time

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kamalkamalAnonymous 15 Aug 2012 05:05

not working with mountain lion crash everytime open it :(

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ deonr775]deonr775Anonymous 26 Feb 2011 22:33

I'm running Reeder 1.0 B10 and it's working perfectly fine, MBA (late 2010).

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[ Florian]FlorianAnonymous 27 Feb 2011 15:10

But is a problem with the scroller: It doesn't display right…

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[ qbikcs]qbikcsAnonymous 27 Feb 2011 15:13

there is a problem with three finger swipe. instead of working with app directly it works with OS

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Roderik van der VeerRoderik van der VeerAnonymous 27 Feb 2011 20:25

It crashes after a while, 100% CPU and you have to force close.

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[ Josh]JoshAnonymous 28 Feb 2011 09:57

App runs fine with me but like Florian said the scrollbar isn't drawn correctly and moves in the wrong direction but this does not hinder functionality.

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[ Daylen]DaylenAnonymous 17 Mar 2011 05:25

The scroll bar is drawn incorrectly. This isn't a problem if you have a small number of items, but if you have a lot of items, using two finger scroll on a trackpad will rapidly move from the top of the list to the bottom with almost no effort. This is a problem because you'll never see the items in the middle.

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[ ]Anonymous 25 May 2011 22:39

works perfectly with recent update

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[ Gian]GianAnonymous 03 Jul 2011 21:55

It works perfectly for me!

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[ HeaD]HeaDAnonymous 04 Jul 2011 19:40

Swipe gestures don't work.

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[ Romain]RomainAnonymous 06 Jul 2011 08:40

Troubles with swipe gestures :
- right and left : ok
- up and down : no action

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[ Fran]FranAnonymous 21 Jul 2011 08:38

Swipe gestures don't work

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[ right_rights]right_rightsAnonymous 21 Jul 2011 08:40

There are definitely problems with this very good app….

I have discovered that swiping to the next story is achieved with a four finger swipe, but this does not work straight away, and I am not quite sure how, it has to focus on the app before it works…. otherwise, the three finger swipe just moves to another Lion window.

Also, there is no capacity to make it "fullscreen" in the Apple sense of the word.

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[ r4ul]r4ulAnonymous 21 Jul 2011 21:03

Funciona perfectamente al 100% en imac 21,5" late 2010.

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[ J]JAnonymous 23 Jul 2011 01:54

Running Reeder (version 1.1) on Lion..

Opening the 'Shortcuts' pane in 'Preferences' freezes the app with a spinning beach ball…have to force quit app

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[ Mark]Markmugwump2 27 Jul 2011 21:16

Worked for awhile on Lion but now crashes on launch.

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