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WiMP is a Norwegian music service giving you legal access to millions of sound tracks on your PC/MAC and phone. In WiMP you'll find everything from punk and metal to soul, classical, pop/rock and jazz – both the old classics and all the latests. WiMP is specially focusing on Norwegian music, and that artists and rights holders' interests are safeguarded.

WiMP has a wide selection of both international and Norwegian music, and it is important that the users gets access to new releases as quickly as possible – even before they are available in the stores – in addition to being able to enjoy all of the good, old releases.

Wimp is a service from Platekompaniet and Aspiro Music in collaboration with Telenor.

Version 1.5.36
Developer Aspiro/Platekompaniet/Telenor Online
Website http://www.wimp.no
Status Some problems

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Testet on GM-release without any known problems

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