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Some problems in 10.8

Some problems in 10.7

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Easy Grade Pro is a suite of software designed for educators at all grade levels and institutions who want powerful but easy to use tools to manage their student grade, attendance and other information. This suite consists of software for desktop and handheld computers.

Version 4.1
Developer Edline
Website http://www.easygradepro.com/
Status Some problems

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Version 4.0.3 requires Rosetta which does not exist in Lion.
Version 4.1 works fine under Lion and Mountain Lion.

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Krishna M. SadasivamKrishna M. SadasivamAnonymous 25 Jul 2012 19:40

Easy Grade Pro 4.1 works fine on Lion.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

Dana LeightonDana LeightonAnonymous 15 Jul 2011 06:45

EGP 4.0.3 is listed in my system as a PowerPC application. I do not have a DP of Lion so cannot test directly, but assume it will not work. Time to extract old grade books.

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[ ld]ldAnonymous 20 Jul 2011 16:23

I contacted EGP Support and received this response:
"EGP version 4.1 will not require Rosetta to run, though we have not tested on 10.7, we do not anticipate any issues. 4.1 CDs are currently available for purchase by calling 800-491-0010."

I ordered the CD today. It should arrive in 5-6 business days.Alternatively, they said the download version should be available in 1-2 weeks. I hope it works on Lion as projected.

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[ violagail]violagailAnonymous 25 Jul 2011 18:48

I'm very interested in knowing how 4.1 runs. I have the CD and this is another of my essential programs.

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[ calais reno]calais renoAnonymous 17 Sep 2011 22:59

Has anyone tested 4.1?

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