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DiscEject is a little but useful utility for Mac OS X that ejects the stuck CD's and DVD's. Is very fast and simple, and is successfull while other methods fail. You just open DiscEject or drag&drop a stuck CD or DVD into him, and the disc (if no application uses it) in 1 second is out!
DiscEject can also be used to eject non-stuck discs.

Version 1.8
Developer Frisbee Software
Website http://frisbeesoftware.weebly.com/disceject.html
Status Works fine

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Note that it probably won't work on remote disc drives (for example the MacBook Air). By the way, the app doesn't have a user interface and it doesn't open in the dock: just ejects if a disc is inside your Mac.
This is completely normal and system indipendent.

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