Unknown in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7


Supports iCloud

Secured by Gatekeeper

Supports retina graphics

Ringer icon

Available on the Mac App Store
Not available on the Mac App Store

★ Features ★
✔ Built in iTunes navigator lets you quickly find your song.
✔ Use the waveform to help you find the right part of your song.
✔ Zoom in to choose the start and end of your ringtone with sub-second accuracy.
✔ Support for fade-in, fade-out and ringtone gap.
✔ Auto volume support makes sure that quiet parts of a song can still be used as a ringtone.
✔ Preview your ringtone exactly as it will sound on your phone.

★ How to use ★
1. Select your song or movie in the built-in media browser.
2. Move the selection over the part you want to make your ringtone.
3. Press the create button.

That's it, your ringtone is now imported into iTunes and ready to sync to your iPhone.

Use any non-protected file from your iTunes library or any media file on your system and turn it into a custom ringtone for your iPhone. Make as many as you want, there is no limit to the number of ringtones you can make with Ringer.

You can also make ringtones for Android and some other phones. Check to see if your phone can use a .m4a file as a ringtone.

Version 1.3
Website http://pixelresearchlabs.com/ringer
Status Unknown

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