Finale Songwriter

Some problems in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7

Finale Songwriter

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Not available on the Mac App Store
Version 2010.r2
Developer MakeMusic
Status Some problems

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Tool palette icons, which used to darken when selected in Lion and earlier, do not darken in Mountain Lion, although they still work. Still, it is a nuisance not having a visual clue about what is selected.

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[ blocksignal]blocksignalAnonymous 04 Aug 2012 14:16

Works under Lion.

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[ ]Anonymous 18 Oct 2012 07:15

Origin61 (Arturia/ Midimusik) keyboard plays instantly without setup in Garage Band. But makes no music in Finale's Songwriter program.

It can't locate internal mac speakers in Finale's Songwriter program. Internal Speaker is permanently OFF in this program's menu, and I can't get Audio MIDI to help me set up … it keeps crashing and doesn't want to join things up … or even to give me the option of internal speakers for the audio output. mac OS 10.4.11

Would appreciate any suggestions - I love Songwriter - it used to work with my dinosaur yamaha synth which frequently took hours to sort out audio/midi setup.

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