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Contactizer Pro 3.8 is an amazing all-in-one solution for managing, sharing and organizing your personal and business activities. Following the prodigious success of it first release, Contactizer Pro makes your business management experience more efficient, productive and enjoyable. Contactizer Pro combines a wealth of innovative features with an intuitive interface to create a clean and elegant package specifically built for Mac OS X.

Version 3.8.15
Developer Objective Coders
Status Some problems

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October 17
Official version 3.8.15, compatible with Mountain Lion, was released today.
Only bug found is with iCloud CalDAV integration (solved by cancelling subs in Window/Show Subscription Manager). So, only Calendar integration doesn't work.

July 24
interim update (no change in release number) lets Contactizer Pro open in Mountain Lion. Notice and link are in a news page on was sent in response to my e-mail to tech support.
- On MacBook Pro early 2008: App launches, launch screen stays visible, main application windows doesn't open, rendering application useless.
App is not compatible.

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[ Forrest]ForrestAnonymous 02 Aug 2012 17:55

I received a link to a supposedly Mountain Lion ready beta of Contactizer Pro from Objective Decision support after asking about readiness prior to doing the upgrade. If you have already upgraded, you should try sending a support request.

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GüntherGüntherAnonymous 03 Aug 2012 10:24

I have installed the mentioned version (wich is labelled 3.8.14 as well). Works quite well - has one bug: Start- and end date of an appointment has only D M YYY fields instead of DD MM YYYY (D = Day…) especially in the sidebar.

Seems the version isn't ready yet.

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GüntherGüntherAnonymous 03 Aug 2012 10:58

Tried to get contactizer pro working with iCloud on mountain lion. Giving up. It will load up all appointments and it will sync contacts. But it will not share or accept any new scheduled appointments. The reason seems to be, that contactizer uses the local "contactizer"-Calender. But it shoud use the iCloud-Contactizer-Calender instead.

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[ Arno]ArnoAnonymous 07 Sep 2012 09:57

Hi Forrest, Do you have the link to upload the update ragrading contactizer pr ? Since I have Lion Mountain it doesn't work anymore. Thanks for your help

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[ barnagael]barnagaelAnonymous 09 Oct 2012 09:31

A Mountain Lion compatible version, labelled 3.8.15, is available for download on Objective Decision website (

It works but there must be a bug somewhere with the iCloud CalDAV integration :
- it clogs up my logs files (25 Mo every 3 minutes, that's a lot of disk space at the end of the day…)
- it sends my CPU temperature to above 70°C
- with the exhaust fan speed at > 6500 rpm on my MBA 2011.

I launch the app only when I use it and as soon as I can, I quit it.

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[ barnagael]barnagaelAnonymous 17 Oct 2012 14:37

The official 3.8.15 version, compatible with Mountain Lion, was released today : I didn't see specific improvements with regards to the previously seeded (informal) 3.8.15.

However, I found the way to solve my problem with the iCloud CalDAV integration that would clog up my HDD and send both the CPU temperature and the fan speed upwards.
I cancelled the subscriptions to in Windows/Show Subscription Manager since that was the cause of the problem (I knew it was the cause, but hadn't found how to solve it)

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