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Microsoft Entourage

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Entourage is Microsoft's enterprise strength mailer program that shipped with Office 2008. Note that Entourage is NOT compatible with Exchange 2010 servers (though it is with previous Exchange versions) but that is not a Mac OS X Lion problem…

Version 12.3.1
Developer Microsoft
Status Works fine

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Entourage seems to be working fine including the Search function which was apparently addressed in the 12.3.1 update.

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[ dave]daveAnonymous 27 Jul 2012 20:11

I'm having an issue with Entourage 12.3.3 after upgrading to Mountain Lion - it seems that the Search function no longer works, but I can use the "Subject Contains <filter> dialing under it.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ ]spyefox 22 Jul 2011 03:27

Minor problem with Entourage: Search function does not work - tried rebooting multiple times. Using Entourage 12.3.0 on MBP 2010

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[ paddy]paddyAnonymous 27 Jul 2011 23:01

Entourage seems to work but i get envy minute or so following error message sin the Console log.

7/27/11 6:59:03.819 PM Microsoft Entourage: CFURLCreateWithString was passed this invalid URL string: '/exchange/xxxxx/Posteingang/' (a file system path instead of an URL string). The URL created will not work with most file URL functions. CFURLCreateWithFileSystemPath or CFURLCreateWithFileSystemPathRelativeToBase should be used instead.

7/27/11 6:59:04.151 PM Microsoft Entourage: CFURLCreateWithBytes was passed these invalid URLBytes: '/exchange/xxxxx/' (a file system path instead of an URL string). The URL created will not work with most file URL functions. CFURLCreateFromFileSystemRepresentation should be used instead.

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Vicky ChopraVicky ChopraAnonymous 12 Sep 2011 13:19

I have the office 2010 on my iMac, which got upgraded to 2011. But I am still using entourage 2008 for Mac, version 12.2.8 (101117). I want to upgrade to Lion, but I cannot not have my entourage, as that is my life line. My question is, will my entourage work, the way it is working with all the goodies that it offers ?

If not, what is the other solution ?

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JeffJeffjapchap 22 Sep 2011 01:46

On Entourage 2008, I was able to add e-mail accounts (IMAP), but Gmail authentication took quite a long time (it may have been this way in Snow Leopard as well). I can send and receive IMAP e-mails without a problem.

I noticed that the main window on Entourage cannot be resized by dragging the sides of the windows (new Lion feature). The mail message windows can be resized, however.

The sync function with iCal seems to be working all right. I can add calendar events in Entourage and they will show up in the iCal "Entourage" folder, just as with Leopard and Snow Leopard, provided I set it up in Entourage Preferences. Also, some basic AppleScript items seem to be working OK as well, including the Action Scripts 4-D by Adam Sneller (

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[ roycetanouye]roycetanouyeAnonymous 28 Sep 2011 18:44

Just did the Lion update and Entourage 12.3.1 has been working fine for me all morning INCLUDING the Search function. Running a 2011 MacBook Pro. No problems syncing with POP email or Exchange 2003.

Outlook, however, will have to wait until my company upgrades their Exchange server to at least 2007/2010. A pity, I've heard so many good things about Outlook 2011.

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[ cirrus]cirrusAnonymous 12 Oct 2011 07:35

A temporary workaround to stop Entourage flooding the message log is to add the following to "/etc/asl.conf":
? [= Facility] [S= Message CFURLCreateWithBytes was passed these invalid URLBytes] ignore
? [= Facility] [S= Message CFURLCreateWithString was passed this invalid URL string] ignore

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