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Free, open source disk encryption software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Version 7.1a
Developer Open Source
Status Works fine

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For upgraders from 10.6 to 10.8:
- Uninstall MacFUSE
- Install OSXFUSE from
- Choose a mount point within your user folder - unlike in 10.6, trying to mount under / directly did not work for me in 10.8.

Full compatibility with 64-bit and 32-bit Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

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[ ]Anonymous 16 Jun 2012 02:01

Tested on 10.8 developer preview 4, other than it hesitates for a few seconds (beach ball) when mounting or unmounting a volume, it works fine.

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[ humph]humphAnonymous 26 Jul 2012 13:31

doesn't work on ML for me . Error: hdiutil:attach failed - no activated filesystem

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[ Nut]NutAnonymous 26 Jul 2012 17:05

I jumped from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion. I had macfuse and Truecrypt. Now when I try to mount a file container or simply do mount all, while trying to mount ML crashes. I guess macfuse is obsolete… And uninstalling macfuse or replacing it with osxfuse does not work either

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[ ]awfulcaptchas 27 Jul 2012 15:28

Truecrypt 7.1a is working for me with Mountain Lion after an upgrade from Lion, can mount existing volumes and create new ones. I use Fuse for OS X:

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MaxVTMaxVTAnonymous 27 Jul 2012 18:55

I've updated the notes. I also had the "hdiutil:attach failed" message but then tried to mount within my user folder and that worked.

After that I created a soft link from mountpoint in my user folder to the mountpoint under / I used previously, and now my setup works as before upgrading.

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[ Nut]NutAnonymous 27 Jul 2012 21:04

@awfulcaptchas I also installed Fuse for OSX but somehow uninstalling Macfuse didn't go well

@MaxVt how do I mount within my userfolder?

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[ Nut]NutAnonymous 27 Jul 2012 21:40

I should add that I mounting ftrecryptvolumes who are files is working. But my encrypted external HDD is not mountable, neither in my Users folder nor anywhere else. Finally completely uninstalled macfuse and got osxfuse. In the Crashreport the backtrace goes to some osxfuse files. So I think this is a ML bug.

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MaxVTMaxVTAnonymous 28 Jul 2012 06:42

how do I mount within my userfolder?

@Nut After you click "Mount", click on "Options" to expand the options area, and in "Mount at directory" specify a location within your user folder, such as /Users/yourUserName/desiredMountPoint.

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[ Nut]NutAnonymous 28 Jul 2012 11:01

@MaxVT thanks. As stated before that works for my truecrypt volumes who are files. But mounting an external encrypted HDD does not work. If I do it via "Select Device" it will say "No truecrypt volume or wrong password". Even with a mountpoint within my user folder. If I mount it like I did in 10.6 ML crashes.

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[ ]awfulcaptchas 28 Jul 2012 21:13

I have verified that I can mount external encrypted hard disks, where the device itself was protected and I did not simply create a TrueCrypt file. Again, I upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion. Zero problems.

I am now operating outside my range of expertise, but for what it's worth:

1. I upgraded to osxfuse many moons ago. If I remember correctly, I never uninstalled macfuse, but at some point in the process osxfuse detected it, asked me if I wanted it gone and I said yes. I did manually remove the System Preference panel for macfuse, but that was it.

2. When setting up a new machine and using Apple's Migration Assistant, I have occasionally had problems with TrueCrypt. Reinstalling it has always ended those problems. Probably can't hurt to reinstall osxfuse as well, repair permissions and reboot.

3. When protecting a device, first you select the device. External disks show something like this:

/dev/rdisk2: 1.4 TB
/dev/rdisk2s1 200 MB
/dev/rdisk2s2 1.4TB

It is important to select the sub-partition (rdisk2s2 in this example) for protection; don't try to protect the outer rdisk2.

4. I am not doing anything nonstandard with mount points or options. Very vanilla.

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[ ]xor2000 29 Jul 2012 18:31

I installed a fresh copy of Mountain Lion with Truecrypt 7.1a: no problems found.

I also upgraded Lion to Mountain Lion and also found not a single issue with Truecrypt 7.1a. In this case, I already has the latest osxfuse libraries installed (2.4.2) in Lion.

@awfulcaptchas: During installation, osxfuse offers (sometimes enforces) to install a macfuse compatibility layer. At the same time, an existing version of macfuse is removed. Please see here for details:

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[ ]awfulcaptchas 30 Jul 2012 15:52

@xor2000: Your description of the behavior of osxfuse matches my memory.

In the past, TrueCrypt has never worked immediately with new Mac OS versions, and it has taken a few months before compatible versions appeared. I was a little surprised that the current version of TrueCrypt has as yet presented no problems.

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[ Nut]NutAnonymous 05 Aug 2012 21:03

Finally found the error. Apparently Tuxera NTFS is obfuscicated by osxfuse. Its not necessary anymore and it didn't like mounting stuff in Mountain Lion. Uninstalled it. Now everything is working :)

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[ Dzigg]DziggAnonymous 05 Sep 2012 02:34

I also have problems with mounting (getting "hdiutil:attach failed" message) in ML. As it turns out the culprit is Paragon NTFS for Mac.. so I disabled it's driver now it mounts correctly :)

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ nero]neroAnonymous 28 Jun 2011 23:12

I can not find TC 7.0.1 - just 7.0a
someone has a link?

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[ George]GeorgeAnonymous 06 Jul 2011 11:49

The page:

should be deleted, because it is a duplicate of this one.

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[ Evandro Motta]Evandro MottaAnonymous 08 Jul 2011 01:15

Doesn't work for now! We need to wait for the next version.

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[ Marius]MariusAnonymous 13 Jul 2011 20:46

With this manual it works flawlessly.

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[ Freelancer486]Freelancer486Anonymous 23 Jul 2011 16:06

I was running the MediaFire version of MacFuse prior to upgrading to Lion. TrueCrypt 7.0a worked flawlessly on first boot.

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[ Juan]JuanAnonymous 19 Aug 2011 18:55

Technically Truecrypt works again but your confidential data that you were used to store safely in a Truecrypt container, seems to be unprotected to a certain extend:

if you are working on a highly confidential Pages-file, snapshots with fragments of earlier versions of that file stays in a sqlite database in a hidden but unencrypted location on your hard disk - even after unmounting your container. Or am I missing something here?

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[ St├ęphane]St├ęphaneAnonymous 24 Sep 2011 06:10

Version 7.1 is Lion compatible (1 sept)

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