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RoaringApps brings you a collaborative wiki community to track, discuss and dissect application compatibility and feature support for OS X an iOS. Powered by Wikidot.com, RoaringApps utilises advanced wiki technology that allows anyone to contribute to the knowledge-base. This will ensure we have the most comprehensive list of application compatibilities on the interweb.

One-click editing

Creating or editing an application's details is just one click away. Anyone can create a new application entry, and members of the community can update and maintain application profiles.

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RoaringApps is a great place to stumble across the next great addition to your dock, with hundreds of applications compiled into one simple table.

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Join the RoaringApps community today, and discuss individual applications, OS X, Apple Inc. and even your favourite colours in the friendly forums.

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Enough already, let's begin…

So you're ready to dive into RoaringApps? Great! First off, you might like to read up about how to contribute, which will tell you all about how to add applications to the database. Once you get acquianted with the site, you might also like to join the RoaringApps community. We hope to see you around here soon.